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Amanda Phalin - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Amanda Phalin Amanda Phalin

Senior Lecturer | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Amanda Phalin’s research covers gender issues in business and economics, educational technology, pedagogy and intellectual property rights.


Phalin has a wide range of expertise in international economic and political issues, as well as the use of technology in higher education. She is available to speak about trade and tariffs, global economic activity and political issues that may affect the U.S. and worldwide economy. Phalin’s research covers several areas, including gender issues in international business and economics; educational technology, pedagogy, and outcomes; and intellectual property rights, particularly in the green sector. She is also fluent in French and well-versed in French and European politics and current events.

Industry Expertise (3)

International Trade and Development

International Affairs

Business Services

Areas of Expertise (13)

Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights

Educational Technology and Pedagogy

Environmental Economics

Development Economics

International Economics

International Business

International Trade

Global Economy

European Union

Gender Issues




Media Appearances (5)

Despite country falling short of Biden’s vaccination goal, travel in full swing for holiday weekend



University of Florida economist Dr. Amanda Phalin said the U.S. economy grew a solid 6.4% in the first three months of the year, up 4.3% in the fourth quarter. These improvements come as more people get vaccinated and get comfortable with their new normal.

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9 Successful and High-Powered Women in the Biden Administration

GOBanking Rates  online


Dr. Amanda J. Phalin, economist and lecturer at the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida, believes representation in the government matters for two main reasons: “First, it's important for young women to be able to see themselves in the people leading our country,” Phalin said. Secondly, Phalin added, “Diverse membership makes teams better. The empirical evidence on this is clear. You get more ideas, and more scrutiny of those ideas from various viewpoints so that ultimately, better ideas come to the fore. And these various viewpoints are key: Oftentimes, policymakers don't consider a program's impact on underrepresented minority groups—or that a program might even impact these groups at all.”

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Larry Summers Is Still Worth Ignoring

The Nation  


Amanda Phalin, economist at the UF Warrington College of Business, is puzzled by Summers’s fears of inflation. “Scolds have predicted inflation for well more than a decade, and it has not appeared, even with the historically low unemployment before the pandemic,” Phalin informed me in an e-mail. “There are no indications that we’re going anywhere above the usual 2% that signals steady aggregate demand. And if we did, so what? The downside risk to not doing enough is far greater, in my opinion. Moreover, if inflation appears, it’s relatively easy to control—not pretty, not fun, but we do not run the risk of hyperinflation.”

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The South still lags U.S. on paying women fairly

Reckon South  online


“If the burden of childcare were divided more equally between partners and more and more affordable childcare options were available,” said Dr. Amanda Phalin, a lecturer at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, “women would be better situated to work in a wider range of occupations.” Having children can cause significant disruption to a woman’s career, harming her earning potential. The wage penalty for motherhood can be 10% or more of her earnings per child, according to one study. “Women will often take time off, sometimes years, to raise children, setting back their experience relative to male colleagues,” said Phalin.

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A deadly combination: COVID-19 and college football's effects on the city

The Independent Florida Alligator  online


Amanda Phalin, Ph.D., a lecturer in UF’s Warrington College of Business, explained how the pandemic will exacerbate the effects of limited football on the local economy. “College football programs don’t have long-term positive economic impacts on local economies,” Phalin said. This is because of the substitution effect, she said. “That means that there are different ways that consumers can spend their money,” Phalin said.

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Articles (4)

Making businesses work for everyone

The Gainesville Sun

Amanda J. Phalin

2018 Many Gainesvillians have a daily routine: Sit in morning traffic, work, sit in evening traffic. It’s easy to feel frustrated while trapped on one of the few arterial roads in town. But if we stop to think about our everyday grind, we are, in fact, incredibly lucky.

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If we build it, they will come

The Gainesville Sun

Amanda J. Phalin

2018 Flying in and out of the Gainesville Regional Airport can be a great experience: It’s an easy drive; parking is cheap and steps from the terminal; and security lines are small. Yet, according to airport data, almost 70 percent of regional travelers opt to leave from Jacksonville, Orlando or Tampa instead. This loss of air traffic hurts our economy, and keeps us from growing as much as we could.

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International Center would help globalize Gainesville

The Gainesville Sun

Amanda J. Phalin

2018 What our region needs is one place where the entire community — academic institutions, local governments, businesses and citizens — can gather resources to take advantage of what globalization has to offer. The creation of the Greater Gainesville International Center would provide this space.

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Reaction to speech gave reason to be proud

The Gainesville Sun

Amanda J. Phalin

2017 “The world is not gonna be proud of you.” Those were Richard Spencer’s words as he left the stage at the Phillips Center last week. Add that to the list of failed forecasts.

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Amanda Phalin: UF Teaching with Technology


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