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Amid Yousef - LEDSIGNZ. North Randall, OH, US

Amid Yousef

Founder | LEDSIGNZ

North Randall, OH, UNITED STATES

We don't need their oil anymore, I bring you HOPE and good news!





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"There's plenty OIL for everyone & over 260 years reserve is below our feet", that's my message.
"OPEC" is a blackmailing organization that financed
the war of 1973 to cover up the planned blackmail *OIL EMBARGO*
We don't need their OIL anymore, we have plenty for everyone!
Spread the good news. Under my hometown geologists estimate 260 years reserve.
We don't need their oil or their TERRORISM anymore!
I speak on how we gain our freedom from OPEC and Saudi Arabia using CNG from under our feet!
My Name Amid means "GENERAL", my father wanted me to grow up to be a GENERAL!
I never served in any army! So my job is to guide every nation to energy independence as most countries have these OIL reserves. There's plenty for everyone!

I've collected my life experiences and views in a book called the "SYRIAN PEACE MESSENGER"!

If we can ignite entrepreneurship in AMERICA, we can avoid the same fate as Syria and Libya.
If they are busy making a living, they don't cause trouble and we teach them at www.startbusinesstv.com

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President (professional)

Founded and operated the Largest cellular Agency for Verizon Cellular in Ohio during the 90's... We earned the title Agent of the Year repeatedly with one year growth ( year over year ) of 276% Out top month was 2107 cellular activations in a single month....

I've fallen in LOVE with my wife a 2nd Time after 25 years of marriage... We are So Happy! (personal)

My wife and I are so in LOVE ... After 25 years of marriage and drifting apart because of all the arguments and life.... I finally cracked the code and willing to share with your audience how Diane and I are in absolute Puppy Love (Yes a love any 17 years old would dream of... bad English huh)... Proudest achievement... It is Easy to teach...

Founded www.TVSHOWHOW.com the Social Media Tv network - Come & meet us (professional)


We are witnessing the end of TV Broadcasting (it will go away slowly, much like newspapers) and the introduction of SOCIAL MEDIA TV... I was the 1st out of the gate with a complete social media network with 30 individual channels (proof of concept at www.TVSHOWHOW.com All the technology, design, interviews, software, hardware, video were designed and executed by me or under my direct SUPERVISION ... Want a TV Station or a TV Network on the web for your organization? Be ready... Be 1st

Education (3)

Cuyahoga Community College: Partial - Did not have money to finish college, Electrical Engineering 1980

I quit school because I did not have the $364 it took to finish the associate degree quarter. Eventually I went back to chair the Small Business Advisory Committee and thought at the College for 8 years on voluntary basis every 3rd Saturday of the month...

Mashta & Kafroon School System: Brevee , Science & Physics tract 1978

I migrated to USA mid 11th grade. Entered college after graduating from James Ford Rohdes High School in 2008 and enrolled in Cuyahoga Community College!

Founder of Automotive Chain: Successful 12 locations, Starting a BUSINESS 2003

I founded a car polishing business by knocking on over 100 doors with a sheet of paper saying (I CLEAN CAR)! I built that company to 12 locations throughout northern OHIO with 5 franchisees. We installed, remote starters and car accessories and we sold cellular phone (lots of phones). At the height of our business, we serviced over 2000 clients in a single month!

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  • www.autoaccents.com/cng/

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Smart Business Incubator Training

Cuyahoga College Smart Business Saturdays  Parma OHIO

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How to dump OPEC and Saudi Arabia with CNG

How to convert our way to energy independence



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