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Amir Hayeri - Consulate General of Canada (CTA Boston). Boston, MA, US

Amir Hayeri

Chief Executive Officer | Bio Conscious Technologies


As the Founder & CEO of Bio-Conscious Technologies Inc, Amir has a diverse background in developing novel medical software technology.



Amir Hayeri, M.Sc., Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Bio-Conscious Technologies Inc. Amir has a diverse background in developing novel medical software technology. Amir developed a novel technology to predict and prevent chronic disease complications using machine learning technology. Amir has presented this technology at the 78th, 79th, and 80th, American Diabetes Association Scientific summits and is actively contributing to the science of glucose monitoring and how it can predict and prevent glucose-based conditions for patients with diabetes.

Areas of Expertise (5)

Medical Software Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Glucose Monitoring






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Car Ride Confessions of a CEO - Amir Hayeri Amir Hayeri of Bio Conscious Technologies presents DiaBits


Affiliations (4)

  • CELS - Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Science : Member, 2021 - Present
  • C100 : Member, 2021 - Present
  • Forbes Technology Council : Member, 2020 - Present
  • CareCru Inc. : Founding Partner, 2015 - 2016

Accomplishments (2)

‘Healthcare CEO of the Year – Canada’ & ‘Most Innovative CEO of the Year -Canada’, Business World Magazine's CEO Awards


IBM Design Award for Best App for Patients, IBM


Languages (2)

  • English
  • French

Selected Media Appearances (5)

Five Canadian startups making it north of the border with eyes set on the U.S.

Mobile Health News  online


"The current standard of care, even continuous glucose monitoring, shows you the value that corresponds to what you have done in the past 30 minutes," Amir Hayeri, chief executive officer of Bio Conscious, said. "Our technology is the first that takes that input into account and predicts what is going to happen in the future.

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How Hardware, Data And Artificial Intelligence Are Changing Diabetes Care

Forbes  online


According to Amir Hayeri, CEO of Bio Conscious, increasing time spent within a healthy glucose range is associated with decreased risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and other major health complications people with diabetes face.

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New Study Shows AI-Powered Diabits App Can Improve Blood Glucose Control

GlobeNewswire  online


“Diabetes is a major public health challenge that affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and these patients must consistently monitor their glycemic levels in order to keep them in a healthy range. CGMs provide users with real-time information on their glycemic fluctuations, but we are taking this one step further and providing accurate blood glucose predictions to help patients take preemptive actions to better manage their conditions,” said Amir Hayeri, CEO of Bio Conscious.

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AI algorithm predicts glucose levels one hour into the future

Cardiovascular Business  online


“The ability to accurately predict glucose levels with the Diabits app helps users improve blood sugar management by increasing the time that they have to react,” Amir Hayeri, CEO of Bio Conscious, said in a statement. “This enables proactive management of highs and lows to help them stay within a healthy glucose range for a longer time during the day and ultimately keep them healthier. Additionally, this information could be transmitted to a pump or a smart insulin pen to calculate the precise amount of insulin needed and the optimal time for injection. This can further minimize fluctuations and excursions beyond recommended glucose range.”

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Using sound data to identify COVID-19 with Bio Conscious’ Endobits

SFU VentureLabs  online


We talked with Bio Conscious CEO Amir Hayeri on how Endobits fights the spread of COVID-19 with real-time access to data.

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Selected Articles (2)

Medtech, Glucose Metabolism And The Quest For Longevity


2021 We all get older, but does getting older mean we have to age? The medical field’s approach to manage aging is to address the chronic diseases common to aging, such as heart disease, cognitive decline, type 2 diabetes and hypertension. This whack-a-mole-approach is costly and inefficient.

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What Machine Learning Can Teach Us About Glucose Metabolism And Predicting Future Disease


2021 Diabetes is a serious disease, but it’s skewed our perception of glucose. The health industry has mostly looked at glucose metabolism through a diabetic lens. However, analysis of glucose metabolism with machine learning (ML) shows a more nuanced picture.

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