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Amy Bucciarelli - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Amy Bucciarelli Amy Bucciarelli

Lecturer | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Amy Bucciarelli has over ten years of experience as a board-certified art therapist and licensed mental health counselor.


Amy Bucciarelli, MS, ATR-BC, LMHC is Faculty with the Center for Arts in Medicine and coordinates the UF Creative Campus initiatives with College of the Arts. Amy has over ten years of experience as a board-certified art therapist and licensed mental health counselor. She has worked with Arts in Medicine since 2012. Amy’s clinical work and research focuses on child and adolescent mental health utilizing art therapy in populations with substance abuse issues, eating disorders, psychiatric diagnoses, behavioral issues, medical issues, and palliative care. Amy has been invited to publish works and present at international conferences on topics such as: art therapy assessments, mandalas in art therapy, the therapeutic use of hand papermaking, technology and art therapy, and the collaboration of arts therapies and arts in medicine programs. Additionally, Amy has taught creativity, design thinking, and innovation for the UF Innovation Academy since 2013. Overall, Amy’s teaching and clinical work evolves from the belief that creativity is a lifestyle that promotes personal balance and wellbeing. Her greatest tip for people embarking on careers in arts in health is to approach the fields with an entrepreneurial spirit and use our greatest strength: creativity!

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Art Therapy

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Chemotherapy patients preserving hair through DigniCap cooling cap

WFTS - Tampa, Florida  online


Kinsella’s oncology nurse, Amy Bucciarelli said it give’s patients more options than they have had before. "They've had the opportunity to not have loved ones really know that they are going through this because they want to protect them,” said Bucciarelli. “Young children. Their parents. [Sometimes they want to shield them from what’s going on] until they are ready to tell them."

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Do scalp cooling devices work? Polk health officials weigh in on new weapons against hair loss during chemotherapy

The Ledger  online


Hair loss makes it harder to hide a condition patients may prefer to keep private for a variety of reasons, such as not wanting children, their parents or friends to worry or treat them differently. “Loss of image is very critical, especially to breast cancer patients,” said Amy Bucciarelli, manager of clinic operations at the McKinley campus of Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.

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Collaborations: Expanding a patient’s world

University of Florida Health  online


UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine believes in creating a climate of collaboration in order to bring the best resources in our community to patients. A recent collaboration with the Harn Museum of Art provided a special experience for 22 year-old Lindsey Lamberty. She is a skilled artist, avid gamer, and loves nature. Lindsey has been hospitalized for many months while she waits to receive a heart and kidney transplant. During that time, Lindsey has worked closely with Art Therapist Amy Bucciarelli, Artist in residence Madeline Austin and other AIM artists to ensure that creativity is part of her daily life at UF Health.

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Small touches for patients are the pride of Moffitt's new outpatient center

Tampa Bay Times  online


"Sometimes patients will have a reaction to the drugs," said Amy Bucciarelli, the infusion center's clinical operations manager. "We wanted to have a sight line to the patients."

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A legacy marked with a (master)piece of graffiti

University of Florida Health  online


When people describe Greg Nelams most people say, he was positive, he had a hip-hop style, and he could really draw! Art therapist, Amy Bucciarelli, worked with Greg during his hospitalization to help him express his experience and cope with hospitalization through the media he loved – Art.

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Articles (3)

Art Therapy: A Transdisciplinary Approach

Art Therapy

Historically, art therapy has struggled to clearly define itself as a profession while simultaneously embracing the range of perspectives and knowledge that contribute to clinical practices. In this brief report the author suggests that by shifting the conceptualization of the field from “interdisciplinary” to “transdisciplinary,” art therapists will find clarity and strength without needing a new definition or ways of practicing.

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A Normative Study of the Person Picking an Apple From a Tree (PPAT) Assessment

Art Therapy

The Person Picking an Apple from a Tree (PPAT) is an art therapy assessment task that is scored using the Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale (FEATS) to identify a client's mental health symptoms and progress in art therapy. Normative data are needed to empirically validate assumptions about the PPAT. This report summarizes a normative study of the PPAT from a sample of 100 non-client participants.

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Normative Study of the PPAT Assessment on a Sample of College Students

Florida State University

Art therapy assessments are tools that provide mental health clinicians with diagnostic information about clients. This study explored the Person Picking an Apple from a Tree (PPAT) assessment (Gantt & Tabone, 1998). The PPAT assessment is a standardized drawing task that can be evaluated on 14 formal element scales to distinguish groups of clients with Axis-I diagnoses.

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