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Anders Sorman-Nilsson - Thinque. Sydney, NSW, AU

Anders Sorman-Nilsson Anders Sorman-Nilsson



Change doesn't care whether you like it or not - it doesn't need your permission.





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Anders is a reformed lawyer, an avid social commentator, and a somewhat funky thinker. He is the Creative Director and founder of the consultancy Thinque. Swedish by design, Germanic by schooling, and Australian by choice, he is a linguistic gymnast who challenges his audiences to upgrade the way they think. A self-described cultural transvestite, Anders draws on a smorgasbord of international ideas and trends to inspire ideas and facilitate conversations.

Anders is an expert on generational trends, thought leadership branding, and innovation. He is the author of ‘Thinque Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking’ (2009), ‘Future Thinking: a trend spotting report’ (2008), the ‘Gen Y 2.0 Limegreen Paper: from awareness to funky solutions’ (2007) and creator of the podcast series ‘Thinque’s Espresso Shot’.

His keynotes, Thinque Tanks and consulting provide GPS directions for individual and organisational brands that want to successfully navigate a constantly changing business landscape and successfully position their intellectual property in a whacky world.

He works with an innovative portfolio of brands including Dow Jones and Fortune 500 companies, and some of the leading organisations on BusinessWeek/Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Ranking.

When he is not travelling or working, Anders likes to upgrade his own male thinking in the kitchen by attempting to cook multiple dishes at once, contemplating the merits of compulsory siestas, and potty-training his 3-year old kitten, Finnegan.

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Sample Talks (6)

Zeitgeist: The Vibe of the Times and How it's Impacting your Business

Having your finger on the pulse of the marketplace has never been more important than in our turbo-charged times. This is a "did you know?" session that will expand thinking and shake people up from ignorance, complacency and apathy about changes that are impacting your business today.

Think Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking

Change doesn't care whether you like it and today there is more change than ever in history. To stay future-compatible your organisation and your people need to ensure that you upgrade your business brains to stay compatible with the changing times we are living in.

Future Thinking: Global Trends and Thinking that are Upending your Industry

Globally, tidal waves of ideas and thought currents are smashing old-school thinking. Your organisation has a choice to go big-wave surfing or be left stranded on the shores of history.

Thought Leadership Positioning: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Branding and marketing is no longer just about capturing attention. It is about spreading idea viruses and about being seen as the 'go-to-expert'. Your brain trust's Intellectual Property and it's positioning is crucial to your ongoing business survival and prosperity.

Social Media in the 3.0 Age: Connecting with the Cynical Consumer

Web 2.0 has made many business models defunct. Those who weren't able to make the leap to a new era of 2.0 thinking were left stranded. Getting a feel for the current and next generation of digital media is crucial to any business wanting to position itself successfully with consumers that have a multi-generational and frequently cynical mindset about brands.

Gapminder 3.0: How to Communicate Cross-Generationally

Just like pop culture is driven by the generation that is most 'in tune', the generation most 'in tune' with the current zeitgeist drives new leadership and management paradigms. This requires new ways of communicating and connecting cross-generationally - both from a consumer and talent leadership perspective.



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