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Andrea Quaranta - Natura Giuridica di Andrea Quaranta. Dronero (Cuneo), Piemonte/Cuneo, IT

Andrea Quaranta

Environmental risk and crisis manager | Natura Giuridica di Andrea Quaranta

Dronero (Cuneo), Piemonte/Cuneo, ITALY

Environmental risk manager, AD di Natura Giuridica, environmental risk and crisis management



Natura Giuridica by Andrea Quaranta, environmental jurist, Environmental risk and crisis manager, is an enterprise which provides consultancies, training, information and continuous updating about environmental and energy law.


The holder, Andrea Quaranta, graduated in Law at the University of Turin (Università degli Studi di Torino) in October 2001; in 2002 he attended a master in environmental law and, soon after the postgraduate course, he started a collaboration with one of the most prestigious law firms in Rome specialized in environmental law.
During the six and a half years into the above mentioned Legal Firm, he worked on criminal litigations and administrative cases and, most of all, he provided environmental law consultancies – by helping companies and public administrations in the difficult management of complex environmental issues – with particular reference to:
- Renewable energy;
- Waste disposal;
- Remediation of contaminated sites;
- Protection of water;
- Air pollution;
- Environmental damage;
- Noise and electromagnetic pollution.

Andrea Quaranta is environmental risk and crisis manager, environmental jurist, professor in several training courses, spokesman in conventions and meetings about environmental and energy law.


Industry Expertise (6)

Management Consulting

Library and Information Management

Legal Services

Law Enforcement

Environmental Services

Renewables and Environmental

Areas of Expertise (6)

Environmental Services

Waste Management

Environmental Risk and Crisis Management

Environmental Assesment



Education (3)

Project T.R.E.N.D. – Trasferibility and Renewability in Environmental Needful Development: Post Degree, Environment Law 2002

Università degli Studi di Torino: Laurea din Giurisprudenza 2001

Corso di orientamento specialistico sul processo amministrativo: LUISS, Diritto amministrativo 2006

Languages (3)

  • Italian
  • French
  • English