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Andres Jordan - Arcus Advisors. Alexandria, VA, US

Andres Jordan

Founder and Managing Partner | Arcus Advisors


Dynamic, passionate speaker with expertise at the intersections of innovation, technology and culture.



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Mr. Jordan is recognized thought leader, author and accomplished public speaker and moderator with over 25 years experience in Telecom, Internet and Technology. He has been invited to speak at prestigious organizations such as UNDP, The Milken Institute, Frost & Sullivan and TM Forum. Via his diverse career paths, including two startups, he has developed deep capabilities in innovation, marketing, strategy and international business. In 2006 Mr. Jordan co-founded the Innovation practice that he is currently part of and which is the basis for his upcoming book. Most recently he led the launch of four new products including CDN as well as CONX, a B2B on-line marketplace for premium content. Mr. Jordan is also an internationalist, having experienced and lived in 4 different cultures. He holds a Masters in International Trade and Policy and a BS in Finance, both from George Mason University in Washington DC Region. He is an advisor to several startups as well as serving on the board of advisors for George Mason University’s Global Center for Innovation & Transformation. Lastly, he serves as board member for of Creative Cauldron, a performing arts organization.

Industry Expertise (9)

Corporate Training


Corporate Leadership

Talent Management

International Affairs

Media Production

Information Technology and Services



Areas of Expertise (4)

Innovation Management

Technology and Culture

Marketing and Communications

Digital Disruption

Accomplishments (1)

Vice President Innovation, Deutsche Telekom (professional)


My latest and most recent accomplishment is in regards to the co-founding of a succesful Innovation practice inside large fortune 500 corporation. For six years I experienced the cultural dynamics of initiating, running and participating in an innovation lab inside a globally and culturally diverse environment. I am writing a book based on these experiences.

Education (1)

George Mason University: Masters, International Business 1995

BS in Finance and Business

Testimonials (3)

Sandra Nelson , Senior Producer, Events Division | Frost & Sullivan

“Andres Jordan’s keynote speech on anticipating market trends was a huge success. His style of delivery is friendly, passionate and inclusive, achieving the desired effect that a keynote speech should have: to stimulate and inspire new thinking. We will definitely have Andres back soon.”

Zahava Stroud, President and Co-Founder | iHollywood Forum Conferences

“Andres Jordan is a frequent speaker at our conferences. He has the right mix of energy and passion and is a compelling speaker and panelist. The digital transition has not been easy on the media industry and we will continue to work with Andres to bring fresh perspectives into the discussion”

Peter J. Kale, Director | Office of The Director of National Intelligence

Andres' rich, multicultural life experiences provided incredible insights about the nature and importance of culture as it relates to the creation and adoption of new ideas. His strategies for bridging the gap between different worlds were especially relevant for our own diverse enterprise, but above all it was his engaging manner that really won the crowd over and left us all with the inspiration to go forth and change minds.”

Sample Talks (2)

How to anticipate business disruptions

deployment of worldwide sensing networks to scout for emerging technologies that can pose threats and opportunities. How to adjust your organization to map and deal with emerging disruptions.

The Move to Visual. How this Mega Trend is changing everything

We are in the midst of colossal transitions spawned by the on-going digital revolution that has unleashed massive megatrends one of which is the transition from text based communications to visual. This trend was predicted by John Naisbitt, futurist and author of Megatrends and his most recent work Mindset.



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