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Andrew Angus - Switch Video. San Francisco, CA, US

Andrew Angus

CEO | Switch Video

San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATES

Passionate and thought-provoking experienced speaker on storytelling, explainer video and brain science.



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NORCAL BMA - SEO, Conversion, Brain Science and Explainer Video


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Andrew Angus is the founder and CEO of Switch Video. Andrew was there at the beginning of the explainer video era. Now, a few years and over 350 videos later, Andrew’s passion is still for providing Switch Video’s clients with exceptional service, processes and a product they can be proud of.

Andrew is a leader in the explainer video industry. He spearheads the movement to integrate brain science and web metrics into the production of animated explainer videos. Switch Video’s explainer videos aren’t just cute, funny and entertaining – they’re proven effective marketing tools used by companies worldwide.

Andrew never hesitates to reveal that (hilariously) Switch Video had its genesis as a pellet fuel company. Even back then, Andrew’s gift was for creating videos to explain his fuel pellets – not manufacturing fuel pellets. He has long since abandoned pellet production for video production. And never looked back.

Lately, you can find Andrew working hard wherever he is – whether it be in Silicon Valley in the startup community, in NYC conferencing with clients, in Montreal coaching new entrepreneurs through FounderFuel or back at in Collingwood with the Switch team.

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Media - Online

Media Production

Direct Marketing


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Explainer Video

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Animated Videos

Brain Science and Video


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Dalhousie: BA, International Development Studies 2001

Testimonials (1)

Jodi Garnett , Jodi Garnett Designs | MESH

"Thank you for a great presentation. In my opinion, your team was the best group there. You built an interesting and information-packed hour for us and I, for one, appreciated it. I also enjoyed your references to This American Life." -

Event Appearances (6)

The challenges of building a business in the heart of rural Ontario.

Startup Weekend Toronto  Toronto


60 Seconds - How To Tell Your Company's Story And The Brain Science To Make It Stick.

DMZ Professional Development Day  Digital Media Zone - Ryerson University


3 Hiring Tips to Grow your Business

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60 Seconds - How To Tell Your Company's Story and The Brain Science To Make It Stick

Entreprenurs Organization - Toronto Chapter  Cricket Club


60 Seconds - How To Tell Your Company's Story and The Brain Science To Make It Stick

Futures: Encouraging Youth Prosperity  Blue Mountain


60 Seconds - How To Tell Your Company's Story and The Brain Science To Make It Stick

NORCAL Business Marketing Association  Palo Alto


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60 Seconds - How To Tell Your Company's Story and The Brain Science To Make It Stick

My company started producing simple videos for our clients and within months things took off! We had huge clients and were producing a tonne of work. I went to my mother, a cognitive psychologist, to find out why our simple videos were working. She explained the brain science to me and we have used that science to focus our production process. I share the lessons we have learned producing more then 350 animated videos for clients like Microsoft, HP, Cisco, The World Bank and United Nations.



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