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Andrew Patricio - BizLaunch. Toronto, ON, CA

Andrew Patricio

Owner | BizLaunch

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Small Business Adviser - Helping companies market to small business through : Webinars, Seminars, Content & Social Media



Our customers hire us to help them sell to small business owners. What’s unique about our approach is that we have a community of over 25,000 small business owners who trust us to help them grow their business.

We have helped companies like VISA, Staples, Deluxe, Moneris, Bell, Purolator and more connect with small business owners by developing seminars, webinars and educational content.

We help large companies connect with small business owners through:
- Webinars
- Seminars
- Blog Content
- Resource Guides
- Newsletters
- Educational Videos

Andrew Patricio has trained, coached and inspired thousands of small business owners in:USA, Canada, Russia, Korea, Italy, Portugal, Namibia, Netherlands, South Africa, Belgium, Sweden, Barbados, Jamaica, Northern Ireland and Latvia.

Webinar/Seminar Topics

- 9 Steps to Building a Successful Website for Small Business
- 7 Secrets to Building a Successful Business - A Growth Strategy
- Low Cost No Cost Marketing Tools You Can Use to Grow Your Business
- Sources of Finance for Business Growth – Grants, Loans & Free Money
- Develop a Business Plan to Boost Your Sales & Profits
- Simple Systems to Manage Your Time and Build a Great
- 10 Easy Ways to Get Free Publicity for Your Small Business
- Small Business Social Media Strategies
- The Art of Networking Offline & Online

Areas of Expertise (5)

Small Business Speaker

Social Media for Small Business

Small Business Marketing

Small Business Development


Education (2)

La Salle College: High School 1977

University of KwaZulu-Natal: B. Com, business 1981