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Andrew Scoular - Blue Turtle Spa. San Francisco, CA, US

Andrew Scoular Andrew Scoular

Blue Turtle Spa

San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATES

Skin Care and the Study of Cosmetic Ingredients



I am a professional California licensed skin care consultant, esthetician, spa therapist and educator to other professional estheticians. My study focuses on cosmetic chemistry and cosmetic ingredients which is an enabling factor in matching skin care products to individual skin condition. I provide clients with free consultations where I will analyse the ingredients in their skin care products and discuss with them what ingredients will work best for them, and those that will worsen their skin care condition, and not enable them to achieve their skin care goals.Due to new biotechnology developments, my belief is that cosmetics can be free of the use of animals to test new cosmetic ingredients because it is unnecessary and inhumane.
I support and, and their work to change the way humans work with defenseless animals on this planet.

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Cosmetics and Beauty

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Skin Care

Animal Cruelty

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Rosacea Strategies - (professional)

As mentioned in TurtleTalk #7, the term ‘sensitive skin’ usually encompasses rosacea. They can be related because in some cases the inflammation and redness can be dealt with in the same way and with the same products. Where the 2 differ is the fact that rosacea is a progressive vascular disorder and needs to be diagnosed by a doctor. Where the 2 are similar is in the way that people who have rosacea describe their facial skin as being always red sensitive.

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UCLA: Cosmetic ingredient studies at UCLA, Cosmetic Studies

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  • Society for Cosmetic Chemists (California chapter).



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