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Andy Gwynn - U-Can(UN) Ltd. Hanbury. Worcestershire, , GB

Andy Gwynn Andy Gwynn

U-Can(UN) Ltd

Hanbury. Worcestershire, UNITED KINGDOM

Business Cioach, Personal Performance, Sales Training Behaviour & Communication





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1. Andy is a leading Business Coach, Speaker & Author who has coached 100’s of Business Owners & corporate Directors to greater profitability, more free time and successful relationships across their business and personal lives.

2. He has addressed audiences such as the Institute of Directors and international audiences throughout Europe and as far afield as New Zealand.

3. Andy’s flagship keynote presentation is “Re-Boot Your Neck Top Computer, Install More RAM & Delete Those Viruses” – Why most people know what to do but just DON’T do it!

4. His other regular presentations are:
“The 7 Touch Process to Better Sales Conversions & the 5 Step Process to Overcoming any Sales Objections”
“Marketing Maverick” – How to network easily & profitably.
"The 5 Step Process to Recruiting Passionate & Motivate Employees"

5. He has been trained and spoken with some of the best speakers & Trainers in the world and his passion is teaching world class leadership, communication and sales skills.

6. He will challenge your audience’s thinking and inspire them to take action towards more empowering results.

7. He has helped client’s double and triple their businesses and even helped them take their business from close to bankruptcy to selling for a million in just 19 months.

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Corporate Leadership

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Coaching (professional)

I have Coached Property Investors to financial retirement * Business Owners from almost bankruptcy to selling for £1million and financially retiring in 19 months

Andy Gwynn (personal)

Firewalked a number of times and crewed Tony Robbins Event where I helped 10,000 people walk hot coals in 35 minutes !! Scuba dived around the world and as a Diving Instructor have dived with sharks, whales, manta rays and many many sunken wrecks. Love motorcycling around Europe & teh USA

Testimonials (3)

Pete Uglow, Managing Directore | Focus Forensics

I first saw your Six Steps seminar with my business partner when we were sliding towards a commercial abyss. He said "we can't afford him" - I said "we can't afford not to have him". When we started working together my business was worth nothing, it was unsellable. 18 months later I have successfully sold it, having managed to turn it around - all this made possible only with your expert guidance and coaching. Andy, in me you have the most "raving fan" you'll ever get. There is not a single business in the land that would not benefit from teaming up with you. Pete Uglow Ex-SME owner. Now 'retired' to do whatever I choose.

Angie Eagan, Managing Director | Pure Vision

The biggest benefit personally was that you are not theory based or a regurgitated, reworked model of someone else’s sales principles – it was an opportunity to share potentials and uncertainties in a hugely challenging, insightful and ultimately action-focused environment from a professional who has shared the same successes, pitfalls, frustrations and experience. The two biggest challenges facing my business was getting major corporations to make decisions in days not months and responding to objections clients made to the investment for engaging my professional services. Thank you once again Andy. I wish you and the businesses smart enough to work with you every success …..I just hope my competitors never hear about you!

Mike Rumble, MD | MA Rumble Legal Services Ltd

Dear Andy Further to our recent telephone conversation following my attendance at your seminar at Worcester, I write firstly to thank you for a most enjoyable and informative presentation. But, more importantly, I write to inform you as a result of attending the seminar the same day I implemented some of your suggested strategies. The results were very impressive, even if we (the company) only maintain our present level of sales, our profit margin will be increased by over £80,000. The increase was simply implemented and the projected increase is totally factually anyone’s standard an excellent result. May I thank you and your team and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Event Appearances (1)

The 7 Touch Process to Better Sales Conversions

NRG Meeting  Stratford England

Sample Talks (1)

Re-Boot Your Neck Top Computer

Install More RAM & Delete Those Viruses” Why most people know what to do BUT don’t do it? Your Download to High Speed Performance & Profitability



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0 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee