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Ann Douglas - Independent. Peterborough, ON, CA

Ann Douglas

Author, Magazine Writer, On-Air Parenting Columnist, Speaker | Independent

Peterborough, ON, CANADA

A bestselling author and the weekend parenting columnist for CBC Radio, Ann has been called "Canada's most trusted parenting writer."




Parenting Through the Storm Are You Prepared for Parenting? Ann Douglas  Parenting A Marathon




I am the author of a number of bestselling books about pregnancy and parenting (including The Mother of All Pregnancy Books and The Mother of All Baby Books) and a magazine writer and content creator who specializes in writing about parenting and health. My most recent book is Parenting Through the Storm: Handling the Highs, the Lows, and Everything In-Between, a guide to parenting a child who is struggling with a mental, neurodevelopmental, or behavioural challenge. I am frequently invited to speak at health, education, and parenting conferences about the issues raised in my books and at conferences for writers.

I live and work in Peterborough, Ontario, where I volunteer my time with a variety of projects and causes. I am currently serving on the national editorial board for the Centre for Mental Health and Addiction Health's Portico website and the social media team for The Canadian Red Cross. And I recently collaborated with Partners for Mental Health on a child and youth mental health advocacy letter and video.

In June 2013, I became the second person ever to be awarded a Lifetime Membership by the Professional Writers Association of Canada (in recognition of my contributions to the freelance writing profession).

In April 2012, I was one of 16 Canadians invited to Rideau Hall to discuss family policy with Canadian Governor-General David Johnston and his wife Sharon Johnston.

Industry Expertise (4)


Mental Health Care

Health and Wellness

Writing and Editing

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Mental Health

Special Needs Parenting

Child and Adolescent Development

Children with Mental Neurological and Behavioural Challenges


Health and Wellness

Accomplishments (8)

Finalist, National Magazine Awards (professional)

Service: Health and Family, 2014. "I Will Survive." Canadian Living.

Lifetime Membership : Professional Writers Association of Canada

June 2013

Invited to Discussion with Governor General David Johnston

April 2012

Silver Award Winner, National Magazine Awards (professional)

Editorial package (part of a winning team), 2010. "Captain Cottager." Cottage Life.

Peterborough Business Excellence Award (professional)

Micro-business category, 2005.

Finalist, Red Cedar Awards (BC) (professional)

2004-05. "Body Talk"

Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" Selection (professional)

2003. "Body Talk"

Resource Links, Best of the Year (professional)

2003. "Body Talk"

Education (1)

University of Toronto: Honors Degree, Major in History, Minor in Women's Studies 1985

Graduated with Distinction

Affiliations (6)

  • CBC Radio: Weekend Parenting Columnist
  • Kinstantly: Contributing Editor
  • Centre for Mental Health and Addiction Health Portico Website : Editorial Board
  • The Canadian Red Cross : Social Media Team Member
  • Partners for Mental Health : Collaborator
  • CHEX TV Peterborough Ontario: Parenting Columnist

Media Appearances (11)

End of School Year Stress

CBC Radio  radio


The countdown to summer is officially on, which may lead to feelings of panic, if you're a parent! Yes, it's that time of year when budgets take a beating and to do lists take on a life of their own. Parenting columnist Ann Douglas joins us to offer some advice. Note: I contribute an on-air parenting column to up to 11 weekend morning shows across the country each month.

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Ann Douglas: Balancing Motherhood And Mental Health Advocacy

Bell Let's Talk  online


Ann Douglas is a passionate writer, talented speaker and parenting expert. She is also the mother of four children who have each struggled with different mental health challenges. Inspired by her role as a parent and the journey of being a mental health patient herself, Ann has made it her mission to motivate others in need....We spent some time with Ann to find out more about her experiences and expertise.

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#BlackLivesMatter: How to talk to your kids about racism

Global News  


“Kids are aware and the media is everywhere so even if we feel uncomfortable having these discussions, we have to have them,” Ann Douglas, a parenting expert and author of Parenting Through the Storm, told Global News...

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How to Keep Kids Safe Around Water Without Instilling Fear

Canadian Red Cross  online


My happiest childhood memories are of times spent at the family cottage, floating on an inner tube, lounging in a lakeside hammock, and learning how to paddle a canoe. I grew up loving water and feeling safe and confident around water. That’s because my parents did a great job of balancing out two important messages. They taught me that being around water can be incredibly fun, but that you have to be alert to the dangers at the same time.

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Is the ‘2-minute’ countdown bad parenting? Here’s why kids have a meltdown

Global News  


Ann Douglas, a parenting expert and author of Parenting Through the Storm, and Amitay offer their tips to help parents strategize when it comes to screen time. Set boundaries at the onset: If your child is getting 30 minutes of screen time on their device, agree to these terms at the beginning before they start. Toddlers and younger children won’t have a good grasp of time management, so it’s your job to explain to them at the 15-minute mark, for example, that half of their time is gone, and then again when they have about five minutes left...

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Fort McMurray wildfire: How to talk to your kids about evacuations, uncertainty

Global News  


“They could be feeling everything from being sad about losing their favourite things, being worried about a family pet or scared of what they could be going home to. It’s like a series of losses and a feeling of trying to make sense,” Ann Douglas, a parenting expert and author of Parenting Through the Storm, told Global News...

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When kids aren’t ‘just being kids’  


In 2003, author Ann Douglas found herself in a devastating position for which her own bestselling series of parenting books had not prepared her. Her son Erik, then 12, had been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, a condition Douglas describes as “extreme stubbornness”; now his grade-school principal was asking Douglas to school him at home...

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Parenting expert Ann Douglas writes about raising 4 struggling kids in new book

Toronto Star  


In 2003, life was falling apart for popular parenting author Ann Douglas. Her four children were struggling with a slew of serious mental health and behavioural challenges...

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Parenting Through the Storm

Canada AM  tv


On Bell Let's Talk Day 2015, Ann Douglas appeared on Canada AM to discuss her brand new book, Parenting Through the Storm -- a guide to parenting a child who is struggling.

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How do I become a more patient parent? (video)

Today's Parent  online

When it comes to parenting, patience really is a virtue. But as every mom or dad knows, it’s not always easy. In this helpful video, parenting expert Ann Douglas tells you why taking a little time for yourself goes a long way to becoming a more patient parent for your kids. One in a series of videos created in collaboration with Today's Parent.

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Bullying Prevention Tips for At-Risk Children

Canadian Red Cross  online


It’s not your imagination: children who are struggling with mental health, neurodevelopmental, and behavioural challenges are more likely to be bullied—and/or to bully—other children.

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Event Appearances (8)

Bell Let's Talk Event

Bell Let's Talk Campaign 2016: Bell Employee Workshop  Bell Headquarters, Mississauga


Parenting Through the Storm

Mom's for Mental Health Fundraising Breakfast sponsored by Bell Let's Talk  Youth Services Bureau, Ottawa


CAMH Portico Launch

Presentation at special event in conjunction with Bell Let's Talk -- to announce the launch of the CAMH Portico Network.  CAMH, Toronto


A Gateway to FamilySmart™ Evidence: No one person, no one service – all together for child and youth mental health.

Children's Mental Health Ontario Conference  Children's Mental Health Ontario, Toronto


Big-Picture Parenting

Mindful Parenting Conference  Whitby, Ontario


Parenting Through the Storm

Community education workshop and webcast  Alberta Children's Hospital, Calgary, Alberta


Parenting Through the Storm

Workshop for family support workers who work with families who have a child who is struggling with a mental health, neurodevelopmental, and/or behavioural challenge.  Early Childhood Development Support Services, Edmonton, Alberta


Keynote presentation and workshop

Edmonton Literacy and Learning Day  Edmonton, Alberta


Articles (4)

Why trusting your gut makes you a better parent



Gut instinct is a hard-wired early warning system that alerts us to the possibility that there could be some sort of problem with our child—and subconsciously urges us to take a closer look or spring into action.

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Keeping it real is as good for our kids as it is for us -- this researchers says



We all want kids who are confident and happy, whether it’s with a hockey stick or a recorder or whatever they choose. We don’t want them to feel like they have to fake who they are. That authenticity starts with us.

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Precarious employment is a parenting issue

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives


Remember what it was like back when your child was a newborn—how you used to gaze into his eyes and dream of the day when he’d be old enough to juggle multiple part-time, temporary jobs in the hope of someday, maybe, being able to afford his own place? Okay, you didn’t actually have that dream. And neither did I.

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Why our economic future depends on a national childcare programme

Canadian Family


With a lack of spaces, inconsistent quality control and a reduction of subsidies, Canada’s child-care system is severely under-developed. This puts the economic future of our country in jeopardy and leaves our kids severely disadvantaged.

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