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Anna Pollock - Conscious Travel . Winchester, Hampshire, GB

Anna Pollock Anna Pollock

Conscious Travel

Winchester, Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Founder of Conscious Travel, consultant, strategist, change agent and professional speaker



Anna Pollock has over 35 years’ experience as a consultant, strategist, speaker, and is both a student and agent of change.

Described as irrepressibly curious, winner of a national "visionary award" and recognised international as an inspirational professional speaker, her strength derives from an ability to dig beneath surface trends to help her clients make sense of the real drivers of change and develop the capacity to develop innovative responses.

Two years ago, Anna founded Conscious Travel as an alternative model to mass industrial tourism. The goal is to develop a global network of host communities where tourism providers learn and collaborate in order to generate a higher net return for their business and host community. She prefers to serve the 98% of the tourism industry - the small and micro businesses who can offer responsible, authentic, well-designed experiences for their guests and who are willing to become active change agents in their community.

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King's College & L.S.E: Joint School of Geography, London University: B.A. First Class Honours, Geography 1971

King's College & L.S.E: Joint School of Geography: First Class Honours Degree, Geography 1971

Testimonials (1)

John King, Chairman, Australian Export Council | ATEC Annual Summit

On issues related to the future of tourism Anna Pollock is one of the most knowledgeable, insightful and thought provoking speakers around. Anna was keynote speaker at two different conferences. One related to distribution, the other to the significance of Indigenous peoples and culture in tourism. In both contributions, Anna was accorded the highest levels of positive delegate feedback and materially enabled us as conference conveners to meet to objectives of the events. Her own knowledge, augmented by her constant researching, which ensures the information she uses is up to date, accurate and practical, plus her delivery style enable her to communicate with & engage with her audiences to achieve utmost assimilation.

Sample Talks (1)

Building a New Tourism Worthy of the New Economy

Explains why tourism's industrial model has become obsolete and shows how an alternative model is emerging based on a shift of consumer/business values. Conscious Travel involves 7 new principles of plenty (shared value), people, purpose, place, protection (sustainability practices), pull (social media, and pace (slow travel) that are designed to increase net benefit to all stakeholders.



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3000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee