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Annalie Killian

Catalyst for Magic ( Director Innovation) | AMP


Business maverick, transformation visionary and creator of Australia's most talked about innovation culture, business creativity and employe

Industry Expertise (2)

IT Services/Consulting

Financial Services

Areas of Expertise (4)

Catalysing Magic: Where Business Results

People's Passion and Communities Intersect for Abetter Tomorrow

The Paradox of Technology Adoption and Human Creativity

The Amplify Festival of Innovation & Thought Leadership as Catalyst for Organisational Transformation.

Sample Talks (1)

The role of the maker instinct in innovation for a complex future

Talk given at TED X Melbourne on 7 October focussing on the relationship between technology, cognition and innovation with examples of how to maintain and nurture innovation capability to solve problems of THE NEXT BIG THING beyond the Information Age