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Anneliza Humlen - Emotional Branding Alliance. New York City, NY, US

Anneliza Humlen Anneliza Humlen

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How to build "humanized" brands that emotionally connect to people, planet and social purpose



Anneliza brings 20 years of experience in building “humanized” brands through creative, communication, and relationship-building strategies. Anneliza co-founded Emotional Branding Alliance, the consultancy division of Emotional Branding with Marc Gobé, where she leads a global network of specialists dedicated to helping clients connect their brands to people, planet & social purpose.

Anneliza is the creator of SocialVoice – the next generation of Emotional Branding that builds brands through social network communication and shared value. It is also the topic of her upcoming book (currently in development).

Anneliza has successfully led integrated global branding programs for such clients as IBM, P&G, Johnson & Johnson and Peugeot. She has stewarded the creation of branded services, experience programs and environments for clients such as BMW, Dassault Aviation and Barnes & Noble. And has lead the strategic development and concept creation for CSR programs such as Travelocity’s Travel for Good. Most recently, Anneliza created a Management Training Program for Samsung Global that promotes “humanizing” internal communication and enabling a socially engaged corporate culture.

Anneliza is an avid writer, blogger and sought after expert/voice for her leading opinions regarding Brand Strategy/Communication and its relationship to social networks, CSR and Retail.

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Socialvoice: the Missing Link to Creating an Emotionally and Socially Connected Brand

How Retail Can Have Purpose & Build Community

Humanizing Brands and Building Brand Integrity

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Retail with Purpose

Sustainable Brands Conference 2012  San Diego, California


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The enduring impact social responsibility has on retail success

Retail represents more than just the “buy.” It is an experience in and of itself. And when executed in a way that promotes shared value, both community and retailers will thrive. Given the shifting nature of retail commerce and social trends, brands must come to life at retail in ways that transcend purchase and represent greater community purpose. This talk is dedicated to sharing best practice examples and strategic concepts successfully applied today in building a new world of retailing.



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