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Annie Neimand - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Annie Neimand Annie Neimand

Research Director | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Annie Neimand studies social movement messaging, tactics and mobilization, as well as how movements can design for social change.


Annie Neimand studies social movement messaging, tactics and mobilization, as well as how movements can use the science behind how people think and behave to design for social change. Neimand is an expert in the science of social movements, and works with social change organizations to apply those insights to their efforts.

Industry Expertise (2)

Public Relations and Communications

Social Media

Areas of Expertise (2)

Public Interest Communications

Strategic Communication


Articles (5)

Finding the Right Messenger for Your Message

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Samantha Wright, Annie Neimand, Max Steinman

2021 Trusted messengers are important to the success of any advocacy campaign. Here are eight archetypes and four audience contexts to help organizers find the right ones.

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Communicating Complexity in the Humanitarian Sector

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Lauren Parater, Ann Christiano, Annie Neimand, Hans Park

2019 By relying on academic research that tells us how the human mind, behavior, and society work, organizations can understand where their communications will have the most impact and how to connect with internal and external audiences.

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The Science of What Makes People Care

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Ann Christiano, Annie Neimand

2018 Five principles based in social science that will help organizations connect their work to what people care most about.

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Science of Story Building: Narrative Transportation


Annie Neimand

2018 Have you ever gotten so involved in a story that you lose track of time and even forget where you are? Researchers refer to this experience as narrative transportation. It is a sign of a great story, and it is also a powerful tool for driving attitude change. Whether it is fiction or a true story, when people become immersed in a story, the experiences they have in the world of the characters become their own and can serve as an anecdote for their beliefs.

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Can #MeToo Have Lasting Influence?

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Annie Neimand

2017 Advocates and organizers need to think strategically about how to ensure that women are supported as they continue to report sexual violence and their perpetrators are held accountable. To do so, they can look to the science on social norms.

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