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Anoop Desai - Georgia Southern University. Statesboro, GA, US

Anoop Desai

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering | Georgia Southern University


Anoop Desai is an expert in Six Sigma, lean engineering, ergonomics, and new product planning.



Dr. Anoop Desai, Associate Professor, received his PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 2006. His principal areas of research interest include Product Development, Design for Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Quality control and Engineering Economic analysis.

Areas of Expertise (4)

New Product Planning

Lean Engineering

Six Sigma


Articles (3)

An interactive system framework to enable design for disassembly

Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

Anoop Desai, Anil Mital

2017 The purpose of this paper is to present an interactive system to enable product design for disassembly and to offer robust and quick design solutions based on designers' input.

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Simplifying the product maintenance process by building ease of maintenance into the design

International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Anoop Desai, Anil Mital

2011 A systematic methodology that seeks to enhance ease of maintenance of industrial equipment and machinery has been presented in this paper. The methodology relies heavily on methods time measurement (MTM) systems as well as makes extensive use of design for X principles to accomplish design modifications. It is well known that maintenance is often a necessary evil because it is responsible equipment downtime, but needs to be done anyway. The reason is that lack of regular maintenance often results in serious equipment failure. This can lead to a variety of consequences including quality problems, safety problems and most important of all lower productivity and increased product costs. The methodology presented in this paper deals with product design for maintenance. The one salient feature of this methodology is that it takes into account the labour-intensive nature of the maintenance operation in general and incorporates appropriate ergonomic factors to reflect this consideration. MTM principles are used in order to impart a degree of objectivity to the methodology in terms of time evaluation. The relationship between maintenance time and product design characteristics is also established. This paper can be distinctly divided into two sections. The first part introduces the reader to some important maintenance-related concepts. The second part of this paper presents the aforementioned methodology. A real-life case study using an actual consumer product is also used towards the end of this paper to help corroborate the practical value of the methodology.

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Improving maintainability of products through the adoption of a comprehensive DfX Methodology

International Journal of Industrial Engineering: Theory, Applications and Practice

Anoop Arun Desai, Anil Mital

2010 This paper presents a systematic methodology to enhance the maintenance operation of products and systems. This is accomplished through the adoption of Design for X (DfX) principles as well as the use of MTM systems. As the reader is aware, maintenance is often a necessary evil that is responsible for equipment downtime. However, lack of regular maintenance often results in serious equipment failure and resulting catastrophic consequences. The methodology presented in this paper deals with product design for maintenance. It also addresses the human factors associated with the maintenance operation. The authors have made a conscious effort to incorporate this factor into the methodology, given the labor intensive nature of virtually all maintenance operations.

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