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Anthony Greene, PhD - Fielding Graduate University. Gainesville, FL, US

Anthony Greene, PhD Anthony Greene, PhD

Faculty Trustee + Doctoral Faculty - Clinical Psychology | Fielding Graduate University

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Psychological/social factors for male “at risk” youth; chronic pain research; competence in treating clients of different cultural origins





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Anthony Greene, PhD is a member of the doctoral faculty in the School of Psychology.

Industry Expertise (4)


Mental Health Care


Training and Development

Areas of Expertise (11)

Health Psychology

Multicultural Psychology

Psychological Assessment

Interpersonal Violence

Anger and Psychopathology

Emotions and Health

Clinical and Health Psychology

Anger Management

Biological Bases of Behavior

Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior


Accomplishments (3)

(2001) Humanitarian of the Year Award (professional)

Awarded by Bahai’ of Greater Gainesville, FL

(1996) Ebony Appreciation Award for Community Service (professional)

Awarded by United Ebony Society, Gainesville, FL

(1992) Five Star Salute (professional)

Presented by the Cultural Arts Coalition, Gainesville, FL

Education (1)

University of South Florida (APA Approved): PhD, Clinical & Health Psychology 1988

Affiliations (11)

  • American Psychological Association (38, 45, 48) : Member
  • Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society : Member
  • Abiding Faith Christian Church : Treasurer, Board of Directors
  • University of Florida : Adjunct Faculty
  • Cultural Arts Coalition, Inc. : Board Member
  • UF Association of Black Faculty and Staff : Pres. 2005-07, Treas. 2009-11
  • Black AIDS Services and Education, Inc. : Board Officer 2004-present
  • The Preserve (Safe House for Youth) : President, Board of Directors 2005-07
  • Cultural Arts Coalition : President, Board of Directors 1999-2014
  • African American Artisan's Guild : Member
  • Florida Psychological Association : Chapter President, 1997-98

Media Appearances (1)

More young women using ADHD medications, study says

The Alligator  online


Anthony Greene, a psychologist at the UF’s Counseling & Wellness Center, said there are two patterns of ADHD. One pattern presents difficulty in focusing and maintaining concentration, and the other is seen in impulsivity and hyperactivity. “Most of the students I interview suggest ADHD interferes with their functioning,” Greene said. He said students can have difficulties ranging from trouble holding casual conversations to zoning out in class. “They can have to restart and reread things, which can take them three to five times as long to get through study materials as their peers,” he said...

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Event Appearances (4)

Mentoring Black Professionals: Models and Methods, with Robinson, S., Lodge, T., Abbott, J. and Dennis, C.

(2015) American Association of Blacks in Higher Education National Conference  Charleston, SC

Culturally responsive training: Lessons from a multiculturally conscious training program, with Maynard-Pemba, N. and Fukuyama, M.

(2011) 1st Caribbean Regional Conference of Psychology  Nassau, Bahamas

Defining and assessing behavior problems among African American children: culturally sensitive approaches

(2000) Forty-sixth Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association  New Orleans, LA

Group treatment of anger in interpersonal violence offenders

(1998) American Psychological Association  San Francisco, CA

Articles (12)

Angina Pectoris and Personality: Development and Validation of the Anginal Syndrome Questionnaire

Advances in Personality Assessment

(2013) Chest pains characterized by intense pressure, heaviness, tightness, and pressure radiating to the neck, jaw, and left arm have been linked to cardiac disease since Heberden's original description of this syndrome, known as angina pectoris (AP), more than 200 years ago. ...

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Preparing physicians for the 21st century: Targeting communication skills and the promotion of health behavior change

(2010) Annals of Behavioral Science and Medical Education

Sibille, K.A., Greene, A.F., & Bush, J.E.

No details available

Competencies for providing services to dissimilar clients

(2004) Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy

Greene, A.F.

Negy, C. (ed.), , 23-35. Bent Tree Press: Reno.

An EAP treatment paradigm for African American women

Employee Assistance Quarterly

(2002) This article highlights key clinical and cultural considerations for working with African American women. Two cases are presented as examples for incorporating a holistic approach within the context of brief EAP therapy. In the first case, a successful intervention ...

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The relationship between personality, anger expression, and perceived family control among incarcerated male juveniles


(2002) The literature suggests that a multitude of psychological and social factors can interact to place adolescents at risk for aggression and violence. This study examined three of these factors: personality, affect, and family. Using a heterogeneous sample of male adolescents at risk ...

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Psychological correlates of mental stress induced ischemia in the laboratory

(2000) Journal of Health Psychology

Ketterer, M., Freedland, K., Krantz, D., Kaufmann, P., Forman, S., Greene, A., Raczynski, J., Knatterud, G., Light, K., Carney, R., Stone, P., Becker, L., Sheps, D.

Vol. 5, 75-85.

Multicultural competence: Criteria and case examples.

Professional Psychology: Research and Practice

(2000) How do you as a professional psychologist know if you are competent to treat clients whose cultural origins and values differ from your own? What awareness, knowledge, and skills do you need? With whom should you consult? When should you refer? ...

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Biological perspectives on violence against women

(1999) What Causes Men's Violence Against Women?

Green, A.F.

Harway, M. & O'Neil, J (eds.), pp. 51-60. Sage: Thousand Oaks.

Superhuman: Our next stage of evolution? [Review of book The Future of the Body]

(1996) Contemporary Psychology

Greene, A.F.

Vol. 41, pp. 452-453.

Angina pectoris and personality: Development of the anginal syndrome questionnaire

(1992) Advances in Personality Assessment

Greene, A.F., Schocken, D.D., Spielberger, C.D.

Spielberger, C.D. & Butcher, J.N. (eds.), 9, pp. 153-176, Erhlbaum Associates: Hillside.

The interview method for assessing anger: Development and validation

(1992) Personality, Elevated Blood Pressure, and Essential Hypertension

Johnson, E.H., Greene, A.F.

Johnson, E.H., Gentry, D.W. & Julius, S.O. (eds.), , pp. 27-66, Washington: Hemisphere.

Negative affect and the experience of chronic pain

Journal of Psychosomatic Research

(1992) Although it is clear from previous research that pain is associated with negative affect, the relative contribution of specific affective dimensions, eg depression, anxiety and anger, to the subjective experience of chronic pain is unclear. The literature is also mixed ...

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