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Antonio Zeno - Zeno Group Investments, Inc.. London, United Kingdom, , GB

Antonio Zeno Antonio Zeno

President | Zeno Group Investments, Inc.

London, United Kingdom, UNITED KINGDOM

President at Zeno Group Investments Inc.



Antonio Zeno started as the Co-Chairman of Zeno Group Investments in 2000. After more than a decade in leading the growth of the company globally, he was appointed as President of Zeno Group Investments in 2012.

He is a highly experienced financial executive with enormous understanding of the industry. Through his leadership he strengthened the company’s operations throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East. He managed global activities by creating and implementing business strategy and coordinating all businesses of the company.

Antonio is known for being an excellent negotiator with wide experience in contracts. He consistently demonstrates great capacity to understand, analyse, and interpret the most complex documents. He always carry on an ability to make effective and persuasive presentations on complex issues to the Board, Clients and outside investors.

Given his broad range of fiscal and strategic responsibilities in the company, Antonio developed a tactical plan that advanced the company's objectives which resulted to promoting revenue, profitability and growth. He created a huge development for Zeno Group Investments’ financial service businesses by constantly overseeing the company’s business operations to insure production efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources.

Antonio is not just a strong-willed and determined leader, the passion he gives on his role earned him so much respect among the company’s clienteles, teams and other leaders. Leaving a legacy of being a strategic visionary with sound technical and systematic skills, analytic ability, noble judgment and solid operational focus.

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VC and Private Equity

Investment Banking

Financial Services

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Venture Capital



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BPP Law School: