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April Fallon, Ph.D. - Fielding Graduate University. Merion Station, PA, US

April Fallon, Ph.D.

Doctoral Faculty - Clinical Psychology | Fielding Graduate University

Merion Station, PA, UNITED STATES

Assessment of clinically significant impulsivity; ethical hot spots of combined therapy; informed consent in group psychotherapy



April Fallon, Ph.D. Publication April Fallon, Ph.D. Publication April Fallon, Ph.D. Publication



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April Fallon is a member of the doctoral faculty in the School of Psychology at Fielding Graduate University.

Industry Expertise (4)

Mental Health Care


Training and Development


Areas of Expertise (7)

Psychological Assessment

Personality Assessment

Cognitive and Intellectual Assessment

Memory Assessment

Group Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Theory and Therapy

Social Psychology

Accomplishments (5)

Psychiatry Resident Teaching Award (professional)

Awarded by Drexel College of Medicine for the years 2006 and 2007.

Psychiatry Resident Teaching Award (professional)

Awarded by the Medical College of Pennsylvania for the years 2005, 2003, 2002, 1993-1999.

Cease Psychology Award (professional)

(1974) Awarded by Allegheny College.

Doane Scholarship (professional)

(1972) Awarded by Allegheny College.

Alden Scholar (professional)

(1972) Awarded by Allegheny College.

Education (3)

Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute: Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Psychology 1982

University of Pennsylvania: PhD, Clinical and Social Psychology 1981

Allegheny College: BA, Psychology 1975

Affiliations (10)

  • Alliance for Psychoanalytic Thought : Member
  • American Psychological Association : Member
  • American Group Psychotherapy Association : Member
  • Pennsylvania Psychological Association : Member
  • Philadelphia Area Group Psychotherapy Society : Member
  • Philadelphia Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology : Member
  • Society for Personality Assessment : Member
  • Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Society : South Asia America Forum
  • Drexel College of Medicine : Clinical Associate Professor in Psychiatry (Part Time)
  • Psychiatry Resident Teaching Award : Board of Directors

Articles (5)

The Maternal-Bonding Trajectory For Mothers Who Adopt Young, International Children: A Qualitative Analysis

Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless

(2012) Existing research has not sufficiently explored the maternal-bonding process between a mother and an internationally adopted child. The present qualitative study used a semi-structured interview protocol and grounded theory analysis to explore this unique ...

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Ethical hot spots of combined individual and group therapy: Applying four ethical systems

International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

(2009) Combined therapy presents ethical quandaries that occur in individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy, and dilemmas specifically associated with their integration. This paper examines two types of ethical frameworks (a classical principle-based framework and a set of context-based frameworks) for addressing the ethical hot spots of combined therapy: self-referral, transfer of information, and termination.

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Informed consent in the practice of group psychotherapy

International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

(2006) Endorsed as part of ethical practice in group psychotherapy by professional organizations, informed consent is a process of communicating essential information about group treatment to patients so that they can make rational decisions about treatment- ...

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Assessment of behavioral and cognitive impulsivity: development and validation of the Lifetime History of Impulsive Behaviors Interview

Psychiatry Research

(2004) The construction and initial psychometric evaluation of an interview assessment of clinically significant impulsivity (Lifetime History of Impulsive Behaviors; LHIB) is presented. Personality-disordered and control subjects participated by completing self-report measures of depression, anxiety and social desirability, along with self-report and laboratory analogue measures of impulsivity, and finally the LHIB...

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A perspective on disgust

Psychological Review

(1987) Approaches disgust as a food-related emotion and defines it as revulsion at the prospect of oral incorporation of offensive objects. These objects have contamination properties; if they contact an otherwise acceptable food, they tend to render it inedible. Issues considered include: the nature of the objects of disgust and why they are virtually all of animal origin, the meaning of oral incorporation...

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