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April Welch - Flirting With Social. Greater Seattle Area, WA, US

April Welch April Welch

Social Media Strategy, Campaign Management & Consulting | Flirting With Social

Greater Seattle Area, WA, UNITED STATES

Listener, Strategist & Social Media Trainer at Flirting With Social





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After working in the Organizing field (helping clients deal with their clutter both physically & mentally), I re-tooled my skills and set my sights on the uncharted territory of social media.

I now spend my days advising best practices, helping brands understand how or why their customers make the decisions they do and interpreting the data collected from campaigns.

I love managing onsite blogger campaigns, helping brands see something new through their social media channels and diving into brainstorming sessions that result in innovative ways to connect.

Of course, none of this would be possible without my extremely talented business partner (Ellen Rowan) and my ever supportive family.

My long term goal is to play a pivotal part in standardizing social media relationships.

Industry Expertise (3)

Social Media Advertising/Marketing Professional Training and Coaching

Areas of Expertise (3)

Social Media Training Entrepreneur Linkedin

Education (2)

NSGCD - Teleclasses: CPO, Professional Organizing 2012


NSGCD Teleclasses:

ADD, chronic disorganization & the organizing process
Basic ADD
Boundaries & ethics
Collaborative Therapy for CD clients & organizers advanced: Part II
Compulsive hoarding & acquiring: approach with caution. A team approach is the way to go
Depression in the elderly client
Introduction to Compulsive Hoarding
Introduction to learning styles & differences
Letting go: the process & meaning of dispossession in the lives of consumers
Locating mental health resources within your community
Normalizing ADD
Organizing for your personality type
Strategies for working with ADD clients by phone
Students in transition
Understanding the mental health conditions affecting the CD client
Understanding the physical & mental challenges of elderly CD clients
Working with clients in transition
Working with visual learners
Your client's personal alphabet

(please email for complete listing)

NSGCD - CPO-CD program: CPO-CD, Chronic Disorganization (hoarding) 2009

Attending the intense certification program offered by the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD) requires knowledge, experience & research in the Chronic Disorganization field.

Upon graduation students will be qualified to work with high levels of hoarding as well as related professionals to bring 'quality of life' solutions into a community.

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  • Coach Approach for Organizers

Testimonials (1)

D Elwood, Blogger | BlogHer 12 Blogger Campaign

I just wanted to let you know, I was looking through [the client's] Pinterest boards & whoever is behind it is a complete genius!

Event Appearances (2)

Mental Clutter in a 2.0 World

Mom 2.0 Conference  Houston, TX

Ask The Organizer {Opening Keynote Panel}

National Association of Professional Organizers Conference  Columbus, OH

Sample Talks (1)

Best Practices For Working With Bloggers

Relationships with "Bloggers" can be a scary place. Questions like "will they take the product and run?" and "what if they don't like what I offer, will they ruin me?" are valid concerns.
In Best Practices For Working With Bloggers you'll learn exactly what it takes to run a successful campaign, keep unhappy bloggers from grabbing a megaphone and why it's important to include this demographic in your marketing strategy plan.



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