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Ara Wiseman - Ara Wiseman Nutrition & Healing. toronto, ON, CA

Ara Wiseman Ara Wiseman

Ara Wiseman Nutrition & Healing

toronto, ON, CANADA

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Ara Wiseman is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, author, teacher and workshop facilitator. Her thriving private practice in Toronto is primarily focused on nutrition counseling, addictions, weight loss, detoxification (cleansing), and hormonal imbalances. She specializes in disease prevention and management, with an emphasis on cancer and heart disease. In addition to her private practice, Ara is a Nutrition instructor at the Transformational Arts College and at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) in Toronto. She contributes health and nutrition articles to various publications, and has written and published two books; Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul (2010, Maiden Tree Media) and Skin Deep-How to Diminish Cellulite.

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Health and Wellness

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Feed your Body Feed your Soul (professional)

This book reveals the connection between the foods we consume and the health of our mind, heart and spirit. Replete with refreshingly innovative thoughts, philosophical reflections and spiritual guidance, the reader learns that emotional balance and peace is within reach through proper nourishment. This book will help you to understand the connections with food, attitude, belief systems, perceptions and emotions, and how to go deep within to discover your true authentic self.

Skin Deep (professional)

My latest book, Skin Deep, will answer that question and provide you with the tools to diminish those unwanted bumps, dimples and lumps. The good news is that your body is forgiving and renewable. Skin Deep is a comprehensive nutrition program combined with yoga and exercise. It will help you look and feel better, both inside and out

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CSNN: Nutritionist, Nutrition

I teach nutriton at colleges and have written two courses that are currently being taught. My first book is a required reading for 3 courses.

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A healthier tomorrow

A healthier tomorrow - Understanding stress and how it affects our body; adrenal fatigue and cortisol and how it affects your physical and emotional state. Incorporating healthy nutrition practices to help with stress and improve your health



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