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Arayan Richard Jenkins - Murni Nursing College. Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, MY

Arayan Richard Jenkins

English Department head | Murni Nursing College

Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, MALAYSIA

Dynamic, entertaining and simply educational, with a hint of jovial understanding.



Dr. Arayan Richard is a highly qualified well-being & mental development coach with training in the areas of crisis –management, delegation and difficult situation handling.
Dr. Arayan understands the difficulties in learning new mental disciplines especially for the Upper & Middle management, Directors and Chief E/E/F. Officers. Time is money and in today’s fast-paced business world, you need expedient and point driven training programmes.
Dr. Arayan’s PhD, is in the areas of Educational Administration so he understands the need for a well-educated and motivated workforce, he has been delivering this for neigh over 15 years here in Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.
His specialties are in the areas of spotting problems and delivering orientated driven solutions, enabling the workforce to move forward at an ever increasing speed and accuracy.
With knowledge in the areas of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and social and workplace mentality coupled with an understanding of mental triggers and locks Dr. Arayan Richard Jenkins from Australia is able to deliver a directed solution.
He have a keen eye for spotting problems and creating solutions that allow the participant to learner within an open learning environment without feeling the need for selective learning.
His specialties are in the areas of teaching, training and the understanding of learning deficiencies in children and adults.

He brings an innovative and comprehensive learning structure to the seminar or classroom along with an excitement that involves the entire participants or student body, allowing everyone to learn and teach at the same time.

To create an air of symbiosis between local students and international students so, education can be maintained at a fast but comfortable pace.
To create achievable outcomes for students undertaking educational training outside their normal comfort zones.

Specialties:I am a specialist in English language learning difficulties for Chinese, Saudi Arabians and Iranians.
I specialize in Phonetics, speech patterns and I can also help students with learning difficulties (mental)
I love children but I work better with adults, this is more difficult but more rewarding.
I am very good at staff negotiations and Public Relations work I am also adept at marketing and promotional situations.

Industry Expertise (2)

Professional Training and Coaching


Areas of Expertise (4)

Office Skills and the Telephone

Grooming and the Young Executive

Human Develolment


Education (1)

Southern Cross University: Teaching, Educational administration 1996

I have now completed my Doctorate in Educational Administration from the United States and also received my TESL, ESOL, from Leads, London.

Affiliations (2)

  • The International Educational Trainers Assoc
  • Human Resource Development Malaysia

Sample Talks (2)

Education an Industry?

hi, for years now we have been hearing the tag line " Education the new Industry." I'd like to see it stopped. Why? because it has come down to the rich and famous getting the best forms of education. For far to often we have heard the words " Our company isn't making enough money." and this is coming from the schools directorate. Well maybe they should be focusing in on why; instead of complaining. Education is a resource best run by educators not directors and high flying business men.

Your Telephone.

The telephone is the extension of your mind; in so much as it is the link between you and those around you. Yes we always hear about the "Internet" and yes the internet is very important but I believe that the telephone will out last every other medium of communication and they the telephone can and will only get more and more sophisticated and technologically inherent in our lives.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


1000 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee