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Arfa Saira Iqbal Arfa Saira Iqbal

Successful Health Marketing

Huddersfield, we, UNITED KINGDOM

Helping health and wellness experts build better businesses which attract high-paying clients, high-converting direct response copywriter





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Arfa Saira Iqbal is a health marketing strategist, author, direct response copywriter and founder of Successful Health Marketing. She works with women entrepreneurs who are independent coaches, consultants and trainers in the health and wellbeing niche to build lucrative businesses. She specializes in client attraction and retention, marketing and distinctive done-for-you services. Her clients benefit from her expert positioning, in-depth coaching and high-converting marketing materials which enable serious business women to get the results they want quickly and easily.

Industry Expertise (1)

Direct Marketing

Areas of Expertise (3)



Client Retention and Attraction

Accomplishments (2)

High Paid Expert Elite Strategist (professional)

Certified & Licensed High-Paid Expert Elite Strategist offering business building and consulting for small businesses and solopreneurs in the health and wellness industry.

Direct Response Copywriter (professional)

Intensively trained by Paul Hancox - one of the top copywriters in the UK today. I specialize in high-converting copy such as sales letters, email marketing, full sales funnel and preselling mastery skills.

Education (1)

University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology: BSc (hons) Computing 2000

Holds Certificate Of Higher Education In Psychology

Sample Talks (1)

7 Ways To Establish Yourself As A High-Paid Expert Coach, Consultant or Trainer

Learn easy ways to attract high-paying clients to you and strategies you can employ in your business right now to garner major media attention and hone in on your ideal client.


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1500 to 3000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee