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Aron Cory, Ph.D. - International Data Corporation (IDC). Saskatoon, SK, CA

Aron Cory, Ph.D. Aron Cory, Ph.D.

Research Manager, Agriculture | International Data Corporation (IDC)

Saskatoon, SK, CANADA

Dr. Aron Cory leads our worldwide research program for the agriculture industry.


As a research manager, Dr. Aron Cory is responsible for providing research, analysis and guidance on key business and IT issues for companies in the agriculture and agribusiness sector. He currently leads the worldwide agriculture research practice. Dr. Cory’s research provides detailed analysis on the digital transformation of agriculture, covering topics such as digital farm management, precision agriculture, automation and robotics, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, integrated security solutions, and sustainability. He works with research colleagues in IDC Manufacturing Insights and IDC Retail Insights to provide a complete view of the "farm to fork" industry value chain.

Prior to joining IDC, Dr. Cory consulted with early-stage and established agriculture technology companies, where he leveraged his expertise and entrepreneur experience in the areas of automation, analytics, biotech, and plant and animal genetics. Aron has worked as a consultant for Agribrand Purina, Fast Genetics, Barnstorm Agtech and various other agriculture companies. Aron helped build Cory Farms, a mixed farming operation in Northern Alberta that consists of broadacre farming and a large cow-calf operation which is still in operation.

Aron has a Ph.D. in Plant Sciences from the University of Saskatchewan, a Master of Sciences degree in Reproductive Biology from the Universite de Montreal, and a Bachelor of Agriculture in Animal Sciences from University of Saskatchewan. He is a published researcher with several high impact papers published within the fields of genetics, genomics and plant breeding. Dr. Cory’s academic interests involve integrating cutting edge technology to solve problems in agriculture.

Areas of Expertise (10)

Ag Tech

Precision Agriculture

Digital Transformation

Agricultural Biotechnology





Experimental Design

Scientific Writing

Associated IDC Services (1)

  • Worldwide Agriculture Digital Transformation Strategies


Education (3)

University of Saskatchewan: Ph.D., Plant Sciences 2015

Université de Montréal: Master of Science, Reproductive Biology 2006

University of Saskatchewan: Bachelor of Agriculture, Animal Sciences 2001

Languages (2)

  • English
  • French

Reports (5)

Cloud Computing in Agriculture


Aron Cory, Ph.D., Jason Bremner


This IDC Perspective examines the current level of adoption of public cloud among companies in the agriculture industry and highlights how industry clouds and horizontal cloud solutions are being used. IDC expects cloud adoption in agriculture will grow as the industry digitizes and provides an overview for technology buyers of some of their cloud computing options. "Cloud adoption in the agriculture industry has trailed other industries even though it offers compelling benefits to users," says Jason Bremner, research vice president, Industry and Business Solutions at IDC. "Cloud is becoming the engine for digital innovation and agriculture companies should consider their options of the vast array of cloud solutions to avoid the pitfalls users have seen in other industries."

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IDC PlanScape: Autonomous Tractors


Aron Cory, Ph.D., Jason Bremner


This IDC PlanScape provides technology advice to agricultural producers, executives, and those with an interest in autonomous agtech and an overview of the things to consider when investing in autonomous tractors. Autonomous farm machinery promises to reduce risk from labor shortages, increase yields, increase crop quality, and lower barriers to specialty markets through automated data collection. Several agriculture organizations are building new business models with automation technologies at their core. "Automation will open new opportunities and markets to both agribusinesses and producers. Understanding how to take advantage of automation will be as important as the technology itself," says Aron Cory, research manager, Worldwide Agriculture Digital Transformation Strategies. "Farmers considering autonomous tractors should ask the questions that identify companies that are selling simple tools or are helping them truly transition to smart agriculture."

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Middle East Agri-Food Conference: Impressions and Opinions


Aron Cory, Ph.D.


This IDC Market Note provides a summary of the highlights of and IDC's opinions on the virtual Middle East Agri-Food Briefing that IDC attended on September 27, 2021. At the virtual event, the challenges of practicing conventional agriculture in countries making up the Gulf Cooperation Council were acknowledged. "Case studies in unconventional agriculture from AeroFarms, Pure Salmon, and SuSeWi showed the potential to build a base for an agriculture revolution in an area that represents one of the hardest places to grow food in the world," says Dr. Aron Cory, research manager, Worldwide Agriculture Research Practice at IDC.

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IDC Market Glance: Precision Broad Acre Agriculture, 4Q21


Aron Cory, Ph.D., Jason Bremner


This IDC Market Glance provides an overview of the current landscape of precision agriculture technology solutions and applications from the lens of broad acre agriculture. It offers a perspective of the industry ecosystem that supports the digitization of this segment of agriculture. In addition, it details the segments and subsegments that make up the precision broad acre agriculture market. This IDC Market Glance is an updated view of IDC Market Glance: Precision Agriculture, 4Q19 (IDC #US45507119, November 2019).

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IDC TechBrief: Autonomous Tractors in Agriculture


Aron Cory, Ph.D., Jason Bremner


This IDC TechBrief provides technology and business executives in broadacre agricultural producers with an executive snapshot of the state of autonomous tractor technology and offerings available today. Agriculture organizations are looking to use automation technologies more to overcome labor shortages and improve harvest yields. "Automation promises to increase efficiency by removing humans from dull, dangerous, and repetitive work common in agriculture processes; automation also allows for data collection at an unprecedented scale and quality level," says Aron Cory, research manager, Worldwide Agriculture Digital Transformation Strategies. "Farmers should consider autonomous tractors as they refresh their equipment fleets as recent technology developments, and support from major tractor manufacturers, make automotive tractors more attractive."

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