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Aron Solomon

Founder | Aron Brand Ventures EU


Startup founder, advisor, investor, board member. Education and legal innovator. FASTCASE 50.



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Techvibes once described Aron Solomon in this way: "In building both his career and his image, Solomon has put in his time. He might be one of North America's foremost thinkers in education innovation."

He is now making a similar impact in the legal industry, having built LegalX at MaRS Discovery District, and Law Made. Aron won the prestigious Fastcase 50 in 2015, which "highlights entrepreneurs, innovators, and trailblazers — people who have charted a new course for the delivery of legal services. In law firms – including some of the nation’s largest – with new delivery models, legal tech startups, legal publishers, academia, and the judiciary, these pioneers are giving the world a first look at what’s next for law and technology."

Aron is a serial entrepreneur who has launched everything from the first luxury-branded education pop-up, to a global education design studio, to a program that imparts the attributes, values, and techniques of Silicon Valley to international startup founders.

In late 2017, Aron moved to Berlin and launched Aron Brand Ventures EU (ABV), which works in the legal and other innovation verticals. ABV takes as its thesis Aron's belief that "To shift consumption is good. To create new consumption is great."

He holds an undergraduate degree in political theory, a graduate degree and teaching certificate in english and economics, and a juris doctor degree. He has also completed a certificate from the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago - where he had the great good fortune to be taught leadership by Dr. Deepak Chopra - and attended the Master Class from Sweden's Hyper Island.

Industry Expertise (7)

Professional Training and Coaching

Program Development

Management Consulting

Legal Services



VC and Private Equity

Areas of Expertise (14)

Building & Leading Global Teams

Team Building and Motivation Through Personal Challenge and Incentives

Legal Technology



Innovating Management

Moocs and Other Massive Online Learning Approaches






Motivating and Training Leaders

Change Management

Accomplishments (2)

Ford Fellowship (professional)



FASTCASE 50 (professional)


The Fastcase 50 for 2015 highlights entrepreneurs, innovators, and trailblazers — people who have charted a new course for the delivery of legal services. In law firms – including some of the nation’s largest – with new delivery models, legal tech startups, legal publishers, academia, and the judiciary, these pioneers are giving the world a first look at what’s next for law and technology.

Education (7)

Trinity College of the University of Toronto: B.A., Political Theory

McGill University: Dip.Ed., Education and Economics

Quebec Ministry of Education: Brevet, English and Economics

Stanford University : Institute for Leadership in Technology

Kellogg School of Management: Kellogg Scholar - Graduate Certificate, Nonprofit Management

Hyper Island: Master Class

University of New Hampshire: Juris Doctor

Affiliations (10)

  • THINK Global School
  • Futurlogic
  • SVbstance
  • i.c.stars
  • MaRS
  • Hyperisland
  • Thiel Fellowship
  • Lawmade
  • LegalLean
  • Aron Brand Ventures EU

Languages (5)

  • French
  • Spanish
  • English
  • German (A2)
  • Swedish (B1)

Testimonials (9)

Mark Rabins, CEO | Mobilogue

I have been fortunate enough to work with Aron on a variety of projects. One of which is our weekly podcast that we co-host together. We’ve been doing the podcast since July, 2011 and cover start ups and entrepreneurship, among many other topics. There’s no doubt Aron is one of the sharpest people I know in that world. Aron has also played an active role in helping me with some of my own endeavors. I have appreciated Aron’s help, and really enjoy working with him and hearing his perspective of things.

Dale J. Stephens, Author, Speaker | Thiel 20 Under 20 Fellow

Aron has been instrumental in helping me define and refine my path over the last year and a half. His background as an educational entrepreneur, from heading up strategy for Appleby in Canada to launching THINK Global School — the world’s first traveling high school — is extremely relevant for his work with me. Aron’s international perspective is always useful and has helped me understand how I can have the biggest impact on the world. As an advisor and friend Aron has supported me in hard times and challenged me in high times. He has been with me through tough decisions and provided excellent feedback on negotiating. Aron has given me feedback that has helped me refine my brand and become and internationally known speaker.

Ivan Surnin, Student | The University of Waterloo

Many people have common sense. Aron Solomon has it, too (no shit!). This trait of his, however, is at a level that not many people can ever achieve. His common sense is upgraded to the max, and he is able to exract info from smallest things, to separate truth from the rest. He is a walking Bullshit Detector, if you will. That is why I find talking to him so full of discoveries. Discoveries about myself, my communications, my ideas, my strategies, my life. He can always tell when something does not sound right, and point it out to you in way that is neither too offensive, nor overly friendly. Straight-Up.

Tony K. Lai, Attorney | Oxford University

I saw the belief in Aron’s eyes when I first described our vision for reforming the way legal help is delivered. His conviction in wanting to help us renewed my own belief that our team had what it took to make it happen. At the same time, Aron never holds back in giving his own views, which, as a founder and CEO, is exactly what I need and have learned to encourage. His is a passion born from having travelled, seen and felt the needs of people around the world, first hand. His experiences as an educator and mentor to students and entrepreneurs bring color and humanity to all his advice.

Hans Renman, CEO | Tank Om

I first met up with Aron around 2007, something. Back then, we were both launching new, truly innovative high schools. Since then, we’ve had intense contact over the years regarding issues connected to leadership, global entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, communication and school development. The last couple of years we’ve had several mutual projects and ideas cooking, as well as a very valuable, ever ongoing-relationship on a advice-giving basis. I have always met a well prepared, highly effective and driven entrepreneur – always focusing on the important questions, smoothly avoiding the much lighter later-to-come details. Aron is world-class Canadian motivator, an idea-driven facilitator and a great coffee-loving edu-visionaire.

Alexandros Pagidas, Philosopher, Entrepreneur, co-founder | The Glint

Despite Aron’s very busy schedule, he always managed to be extremely prompt to our unexpected requests for advice while working at TheGlint. His experience helped us take a more balanced perspective on certain issues we might have otherwise given an undue importance thereby reducing pressure and allowing us to allocate mental resources elsewhere. But what made the biggest impression on me was Aron’s ability to listen to your problems and act upon his compassion in moving ways that made you feel valued while motivating you for the emotional roller-coaster rides of entrepreneurial life.

Seth Harris, Project Breaker | (Unknown)

Of the many moments Aron has provided insight and expertise there is one I recall with particular fondness. When I needed urgent advice regarding my startup Aron happened to be halfway around the world in Sweden. Yet he immediately responded and was ready for a Skype chat at 7am to help guide me through the challenge. This openness and availability to others is one of the things I most admire about Aron. Time and time again I have seen Aron open his heart, lend his time, and, most importantly, offer his belief in people who are pursuing their passion to create positive change in the world.

Dr. David Preston, (Unknown) | (Unknown)

Once every while you reach out to someone you think you should meet. This person has expertise, connections, and a unique skillset at the intersection of law, education, and entrepreneurship. And a talking puppet on his website. This person introduces you to people and ideas that inspire you, challenge you, and help refine your vision for an emerging market. But it wasn’t until after I’d met with Aron Solomon that I learned the real reason you want to meet him. You want to meet Aron Solomon because he’s a mensch. He has integrity, he’s wicked smart, and he cares about learning, young people, and the sort of entrepreneurship that will make their world a better place. You’ll be glad you had coffee with him.

Petter Palander, CEO and Founder | ambadoo

Aron is a great support in all of my ventures, always with valuable feedback and advice. On a personal level I find Aron a true inspiration who always gives me energy to continue to to grow as an individual and entrepreneur.

Media Appearances (2)

Aron Solomon on CanadaAM

CTV Canada  tv


Discussing the future of Uber on CanadaAM.

Media Appearance Image

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Another Canada AM appearance

CTV Canada AM  tv


Aron Solomon once again on Canada AM to discuss Uber

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Event Appearances (15)

The Future of MOOCs

worldviews   Toronto, ON


Education Innovation and Disruption

TEDxBotyrka  Stockholm


The American Education System

SETT  Stockholm


Lean startup talk in legal technology

#LegalLean  Michigan State University


#LegalLean innovation workshop

Legal Lean - Innovating New Models for the Future of Law  Toronto


Talk to multiple Ontario universities on Lean

Lean Through an Innovation Lens  UOIT


Doing Business in Silicon Valley

Best Practices on Going Global  Toronto


CanadaAM interview live on Uber

CanadaAM interview live on Uber  Toronto


CBC radio background interviews on Uber

CBC radio background interview on Uber  Montreal


Swedish radio background interview on Uber

Swedish radio background interview on Uber  Stockholm


The Future of Innovation

Future Design School curated corporate event at MaRS  Toronto


The No BS Startup Talk

Montreal Startup Breakfast Club  Montreal


The No BS Startup Talk

The No BS Startup Talk  Toronto


Innovation Bootcamp for Educators



Embracing Lean in the Healthcare Context

Princess Margaret Talks  Toronto


Sample Talks (2)

Aron Solomon at TEDxAtlanta

Speaking about the future of education and the school I built.

On Emerging Business Models in Education



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Host/MC


7000 to 11000

Research Focus (2)

Quoted in 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Rankings


Quoted in 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Rankings, speaking to Toronto's challenges in becoming a top-level startup city.

Research focus Image

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How the Lean Canvas Can Benefit Your Law Firm


White Paper written with Jason Moyse on the application of the lean canvas to the new legal innovation ecosystem, from a macro and micro perspective.

Research focus Image

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Articles (1)

White Paper of Business Model Innovation in the Law (with Jason Moyse)



For lawyers, the process of evaluating and launching a new business or initiative within your existing law firm can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, today, the traditional laborious business plan has been supplanted by new, innovative tools in business planning and creation.

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