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Yonah Welker  - Yonah Fund. Los Angeles, CA, US

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Yonah Artemis Welker is passionate about products and technologies that help to improve and enhance people lives. In 2000s he was known as the founder of HardwareTech - one of the first technology media outlets, and person behind many ventures and products from Big Data to HealthTech fields. Key Expertise: Product development, technology transfer, social ventures, global development.

Yonah is known for his volunteering and mentoring work across technology and social ecosystems in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. Besides, driven by story of his rare neurological illness, he has turned it into the Fund and HQ project dedicated to social and humanity solutions.

HealthTech, DeepTech, Community Solutions, Social Enterprise, Education.

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You may message Yonah, if you want to send your product or technology sample for feedback or test, support the the Y Fund efforts, get an advice or suggest collaboration. He basically doesn't answers any messages beyond these areas.

Industry Expertise (4)

Social Services Media - Online VC and Private Equity Non-Profit/Charitable

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Media & Culture Venture Capital Social Change & Innovation Social Impact Social Change Venture Capital & Private Equity Investing

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  • English