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Yonah Welker  - Yonah Fund. New York, CA, US

Yonah Welker Yonah Welker

Entrepreneur | Yonah Fund


Deeptech & Impact Influencer



Since 2005, when I've launched a hardware tech think tank, I’ve been exploring things that connect technology, data and society. Over my journey, I worked on tech projects, companies and labs, screened products and teams, helped to create public policies, evangelized computer science and technology in different corners of the world from North America to APAC or Africa. My involvement taps tech ecosystems, programs, institutions, initiatives (MIT, Singularity University, 500 Startups, Techstars etc) and multilateral organizations (World Economic Forum, European Commission).

I'm open to EIR involvements, expert requests and checking your samples & products at any time.
● Interests (open to other topics for sure): wellbeing, learning, inclusion, personalization
● Technology (examples): data, ai, social robotics, open platforms
● Types: devices, hardware, platforms, apps
● Expertise: emerging products and technologies, product design & testing, data-driven & personalized products/platforms, inclusive design, moonshots
● Superpower: screening, sourcing, networks

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Social Services

Media - Online

VC and Private Equity


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Media & Culture

Venture Capital

Social Change & Innovation

Social Impact

Social Change

Venture Capital & Private Equity Investing

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  • English