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Arvind Malhotra - UNC-Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill, NC, US

Arvind Malhotra Arvind Malhotra

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School | UNC-Chapel Hill


Professor Malhotra studies innovation, crowdsourcing and the future of work.



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Arvind Malhotra’s area of research focus on crafting innovation problems, open innovation approaches, crowd creativity, crowdsourcing for innovation, using crowds to solve complex societal problems and the future of work.

His research projects include studying successful open-innovation organizational and extra-organizational structures, creating the process and structure for large-scale collaboration and management of knowledge in extra-organizational collaborative contexts.

His book “Unleashing the Crowd: Collaborative Solutions to Wicked Business and Societal Problems” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) focuses on how organizations can leverage crowds for solving wicked business and societal problems.

Dr. Malhotra has received research grants from the Kenan Institute for Private Enterprise, Society for Information Managers Advanced Practices Council, Dell, Carnegie-Bosche Institute, National Science Foundation, RosettaNet consortium, UNC-Small Grants Program and the Marketing Sciences Institute.

He has consulted, conducted applied research projects or led executive development workshops with ESPN, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, IBM, ExxonMobil, Primax Properties, Sprint, RosettaNet Consortium, American Golf Corporation, Cisco, ING Direct and Cargill Sweeteners.

He received his PhD in business administration and his MS in industrial and systems engineering from the University of Southern California. He earned his BE in electronics and communications engineering from the University of Delhi.

Industry Expertise (3)

Business Services



Areas of Expertise (9)

Crowd Sourcing

Open Innovation

Innovation & Creativity

Future of Work

Knowledge Management


Collaborative Communities

Virtual Teams

Effects of Social Media on Business

Accomplishments (3)

MIS Quarerly Best Paper Award (professional)

The received the award from the top information science journal in 2001.

Journal of Services Research Best Paper Award (professional)

He received the award in 2005.

Journal of Knowledge Management Best Paper Award (professional)

He received the award in 2005.

Education (3)

University of Southern California: Ph.D., Business 1999

University of Southern California: M.S., Industrial Engineering 1994

Delhi Institute of Technology (NSIT): B.E., Electronics and Communications Engineering 1991

Media Appearances (4)

Amazon takes on Google and Apple

Marketplace  radio


Amazon is cutting off sales of streaming products Apple TV and Google Chromecast. Amazon’s website will, of course, continue selling its own streaming device, Fire TV. Not coincidentally, it works rather nicely with Amazon’s streaming service Prime Video. Amazon is giving up a cut of hardware sales in an attempt to rule streaming media. “The question is: Is the revenue from content distribution more than the device [revenue]? And the answer definitely is yes,” said University of North Carolina business professor Arvind Malhotra. The battle for streaming customers is a tough one with no certain outcome, so Amazon’s using its e-commerce muscle to fight back against its formidable competitors...

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The king of emerging economies

USA Today  online


"Their strategic partnerships give them a big competitive advantage," says Arvind Malhotra, a professor of entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. With 50 million Indians and 30 million Indonesians using Opera, the hustle has paid off. And the upshot is "huge," according to Malhotra — both countries have an Internet penetration of just 20 and 30 percent, respectively. It doesn't seem so ludicrous, then, when Boilesen says, "What gets me up in the morning" is reaching 500 million users (which is saying a lot, considering he slept just two hours)...

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When sharing is caring

Marketplace  radio

Arv Malhotra discusses problems in the sharing economy.

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Your primer on Yahoo's big news and Marissa Mayer's role in it all

BizWomen  online


Expert take: "They were beating down her doors," said Arvind Malhotra, a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School, in an interview with Bizwomen. "The pressure on her was immense."...

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Articles (8)

How CEOs can Leverage Twitter

MIT Sloan Management Review

Rather than waiting for impressions about a company to be driven by others in social media, CEOs can help shape the conversation.

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How to Create Brand Engagement on Facebook

MIT Sloan Management Review

A study of 98 global brands identifies factors that increase — or decrease — the chances of consumers “liking,” commenting on or sharing a company’s Facebook posts.

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How to Get Your Messages Retweeted

MIT Sloan Management Review

Many companies are trying to leverage the power of Twitter. New research identifies factors that increase the odds that a company’s tweets will be shared with recipients’ networks.

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Absorptive capacity configurations in supply chains: gearing for partner-enabled market knowledge creation

MIS Quarterly

2005 The need for continual value innovation is driving supply chains to evolve from a pure transactional focus to leveraging interorganizational partner ships for sharing information and, ultimately, market knowledge creation. Supply chain partners are (1) engaging in ...

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Service quality delivery through web sites: a critical review of extant knowledge

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

2002 ABSTRACT: Evidence exists that service quality delivery through Web sites is an essential strategy to success, possibly more important than low price and Web presence. To deliver superior service quality, managers of companies with Web presences must first ...

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ES-QUAL a multiple-item scale for assessing electronic service quality

Journal of Service Research

2005 ABSTRACT: Using the means-end framework as a theoretical foundation, this article conceptualizes, constructs, refines, and tests a multiple-item scale (ES-QUAL) for measuring the service quality delivered by Web sites on which customers shop online. Two stages of ...

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Knowledge management: An organizational capabilities perspective

Journal of Management Information Systems

2001 A hallmark of the new economy is the ability of organizations to realize economic value from their collection of knowledge assets as well as their assets of information, production distribution, and affiliation. Despite the competitive necessity of becoming a knowledge- ...

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Technology adaptation: The case of a computer-supported inter-organizational virtual team

MIS Quarterly

2000 ABSTRACT: The adaptation process for new technology is not yet well understood. This study analyzes how an inter-organizational virtual team, tasked with creating a highly innovative product over a 10 month period, adapted the use of a collaborative technology and ...

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