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Aryn Gittis - Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA, US

Aryn Gittis Aryn Gittis

Professor | Carnegie Mellon University



Aryn Gittis studies neural circuits in the basal ganglia, a multifunctional brain region that plays a role in the regulation of movement, learning, motivation and reward. She uses electrophysiology, optogenetics and computational approaches to study the progression of neural circuit dysfunction related to Parkinson’s disease and dystonia, with the goal of developing strategies to guide therapeutic plasticity that can repair circuit dysfunction and restore movement.

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Education (2)

University of California at San Diego: Ph.D., Neuroscience

Brandeis University: B.S., Neuroscience

Media Appearances (1)

Research Shows Promising Results For Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

Science Blog  

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have found a way to make deep brain stimulation (DBS) more precise, resulting in therapeutic effects that outlast what is currently available. The work, led by Aryn Gittis and colleagues in CMU’s Gittis Lab, will significantly advance the study of Parkinson’s disease.

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