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Ashley English - Texas Christian University. Fort Worth, TX, US

Ashley English

Assistant Professor | Texas Christian University


Ashley English is an expert in contributions and community engagement strategies of faith-based organizations.





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Ashley English is an assistant professor at Texas Christian University. She is an expert in contributions and community engagement strategies of faith-based organizations.

Areas of Expertise (3)

Megachurch Involvement in Economic Development

Community Engagement Strategies

Faith-Based Organizations

Accomplishments (4)

40 Under 40 leader for community involvement and service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (professional)

Dallas Furniture Bank

Best Poster Award (professional)

45th annual ARNOVA Conference in Washington, D.C.

Doctoral Fellows Seminar Award (professional)

Association for Research on Nonprofit and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA)

Diversity Scholars and Leaders Award (professional)


Education (3)

University of North Texas: Ph.D., Journalism - Public Relations 2015

University of North Texas: M.A., Public Administration, Nonprofit Management Specialization 2008

University of North Texas: B.A., Journalism - Public Relations 2006

Affiliations (1)

  • Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action

Event Appearances (4)

Megachurch involvement in economic development: Theoretical guidance for Organizational Decision-Making

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action - Annual Conference  Chicago, Illinois

Theoretical Understanding of Church Involvement in Economic Development: Examining the Role of Expectations on Nonprofit Action

Association for Research on Nonprofit and Voluntary Action - Annual Conference  Denver, CO

The Local Government Perspective of Megachurches and Extra-role Behavior

Association for Research on Nonprofit and Voluntary Action - Annual Conference  Hartford, CT

The growth of megachurches: What impacts are they having on local economic development and who benefits?

American Society for Public Administration - Annual Conference  New Orleans, LA

Articles (5)

After the Killing of Atatiana Jefferson: Black Stakeholder Experiences Within a Municipal Listening Structure

Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

2022 Starting with a public relations pioneer’s maxim to “listen to stakeholders,” many contemporary scholars have emphasized listening as the key to the inclusion of marginalized communities. Based on 25 in-depth interviews including 19 Black residents of Fort Worth, this study amplifies the voices of Black community members after the killing of Atatiana Jefferson in her home by a White police officer.

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Building relationships with the faithful: examining church communicators perceptions of social media influencers in their OPR strategy

Journal of Public Relations Research

2021 The current study investigates how Church communicators perceive the role of social media platforms and influencers in their overall stakeholder engagement strategy. Building upon the Organization-Public Relationship (OPR) body of literature, we conducted 13 in-depth interviews with public relations professionals at megachurches throughout the United States.

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The vegetable divide: Americans’ knowledge of dietary guidelines and willingness to make healthy changes

Health Marketing Quarterly

2021 We aimed to (a) better understand Americans’ awareness and attitudes towards the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) from 2005–2015; (b) identify how the public obtains that knowledge, (c) measure their willingness to make healthy changes; and (d) identify important contextual factors that impact knowledge of DGA and nutrition. Quantitative survey data from nationally-representative online panel samples indicate the already low awareness of DGA declined over the last decade.

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Passing the test: Lessons from a school district’s discourse of renewal before, during and after Hurricane Harvey

Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management

2020 This case study tests the frameworks of the discourse of renewal theory and social legitimacy theory through an examination of the Fort Bend Independent School District's (Texas) communication strategies and tactics before, during and after Hurricane Harvey struck the Houston area in 2017.

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Megachurches and Economic Development: Pastoral Interpretations of Internal and External Expectations on Church Behavior

The Journal of Faith, Education and Community

2019 What sorts of economic development activities do megachurches engage in, and what rationale do leaders give for this behavior? This study provides theoretical guidance for answering this research question through an investigation of megachurches’ extra-role behaviors (ERB) in economic development activities. ERB is a “behavior that attempts to benefit the organization and that goes beyond existing role expectations.”

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