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Asimina Lazaridou, PhD - Fielding Graduate University. Boston, MA, US

Asimina Lazaridou, PhD Asimina Lazaridou, PhD

Doctoral Faculty - Clinical Psychology | Fielding Graduate University


Specializing in Chronic Pain, Opioid Use Disorders, and Mind-Body Therapies


Prior to joining the Clinical Psychology program at Fielding University, Dr. Lazaridou was a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, Surgery Department and a Clinical fellow at McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA. Dr. Lazaridou is currently a researcher at the Anesthesiology department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

The focus of her work has been on the effects of cognitions and emotions on physiological responses to painful stimuli. Current studies include an investigation of how pain affects the human immune system, and how psychosocial processes such as negative emotions (e.g catastrophizing) may magnify the physiological impact of pain. More recently, several of her ongoing projects evaluate the effects of behavioral interventions for chronic pain, anxiety, depression and opioid use disorder (e.g., cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and yoga.)

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Writing and Editing

Areas of Expertise (5)

Chronic Pain

Psychosomatic Conditions

Mood Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Opioid Use Disorders

Accomplishments (3)

ISCS Travel Scholarships, Mind and Life Institute (professional)

2014 & 2016 Travel Scholarships

Young Investigator Travel Award from American Pain Society (professional)


Vrakas Scholarship from Aristotle University (professional)

Awarded on the basis of merit

Education (3)

University of Macedonia, Greece: PhD, Clinical Psychology 2013

Re-specialization: Harvard University and William James College

University of Surrey, UK: MSc, Health Psychology 2009

Aristotle University, Greece: BSc, Clinical Psychology 2007

Event Appearances (4)

The relationship between Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST), clinical pain and catastrophizing in fibromyalgia patients, with Galenkamp L.,Berry M., Napadow V., Edwards R.

(2018) International Association in the Study of Pain (IASP)  Boston, MA

The impact of yoga on pain, fatigue sleep and catastrophizing, with Koulouris A., Schreiber K., Edwards R.

(2018) International Association in the Study of Pain (IASP)  Boston, MA

The relationship between Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST), clinical pain and Mindfulness in fibromyalgia patients

(2018) American Pain Society 37th Annual Scientific Meeting  Anaheim, CA

Ecological Momentary Assessment of the Relationships between Sleep Affliction, Neuroendocrine and Allodynia in Fibromyalgia Patient: The Impact of Daily Yoga Based Exercise (ASANA) with Buliteanu A.

(2018) American Pain Society 36th Annual Scientific Meeting  Pittsburgh, PA

Research Grants (1)

Visiting Grant to visit Prof. Ellen Langer in Harvard University

EHPS (European Health Psychology Association) 

No details available

Articles (10)

The impact of anxiety and catastrophizing on interleukin-6 responses to acute painful stress

(2018) Journal of Pain Research

Lazaridou, A., Martel, M.O, Cahalan, C., Cornelius M., Franceschelli, O., Campbell C., Haythornthwaite. J.A, Smith, M. Page, G.G., Riley, J., Edwards, RR

Peer-reviewed publication

Interactive effects of pain catastrophizing and mindfulness on pain intensity in women with fibromyalgia

(2018) Health Psychology Open

Dorado K., Schreiber K., Koulouris A., Edwards R., Lazaridou A.

Peer-reviewed publication

The association between daily physical activity and pain among patients with knee osteoarthritis: The moderating role of pain catastrophizing

(2018) Pain Medicine

Lazaridou A., Martel, M.O, Cahalan, C., Cornelius M., Franceschelli, O., Campbell C., Haythornthwaite. J., Edwards, RR

Peer-reviewed publication

Book Chapter: Principles of comprehensive approach to pain management in patients with addiction

(2017) Pain: A Review Guide

Lazaridou A., Zgierksa A.


Influence of Catastrophizing on Pain Intensity, Disability, Side Effects, and Opioid Misuse among Pain Patients in Primary Care

(2016) Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research

Lazaridou A., Buliteanu A.,Cornelius M., Franceschelli O., Edwards R., Jamison R.


Book Chapter: Pain Assessment

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4th Edition Elsevier Inc.

Book Chapter: Relaxation Techniques and Biofeedback for Cancer Pain Management

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Book Chapter: Neurophotonic and Brain Mapping

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Book Chapter: The Power of Mindful Learning

(2011) Lifelong Learning: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Lazaridou A.

Thessaloniki, Greece: University of Macedonia Press V. Karavakou (Ed.) Pp. 391-406

Encoding of self-referential pain catastrophizing in posterior cingulate cortex in fibromyalgia

(2018) Arthritis & Rheumatology

Lee J., Protsenko, E., Lazaridou, A., Franceschelli, O., Ellingsen, D., Mawla, I., Isenburg, K., Berry, M., Galenkamp, L., Loggia, M., Wasan, A., Edwards, R., Napadow, V.

Peer-reviewed publication