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Jennifer Rea - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Jennifer Rea Jennifer Rea

Associate Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Jennifer A. Rea’s research explores the intersections between ancient Rome and modern science fiction and fantasy.


Jennifer A. Rea’s research explores the intersections between ancient Rome and modern science fiction and fantasy. Her first book, Legendary Rome, explored three poets’ reinventions of Rome’s legendary foundations in the context of post-civil war Augustan Rome. Her most recent book, Perpetua’s Journey: Faith, Gender and Power in the Roman Empire, challenges critical assumptions about gender roles, legal authority and individual rights and freedoms in Roman Africa during the 3 rd -century CE.

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Writing and Editing


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Reception Studies: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Augustan Age Rome

Daily Life in Ancient Rome


Articles (5)

Transforming Civic Space into Sacred Space in the Passio of Perpetua and Felicitas

The Classical Outlook

In 203 CE a young mother named Vibia Perpetua was martyred in the amphitheatre at Carthage as part of the birthday games for the Roman emperor Septimius Severus' son Geta.

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Pietas and Post-Colonialism in Ursula K. Le Guin’s Lavinia

The Classical Outlook

When science fiction and fantasy author Ursula K. Le Guin opened a text of Vergil's Aeneid and began to relearn latin, she was seventy-five years old.

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From Plato to Philip K. Dick: Teaching Classics Through Science Fiction

The Classical Journal

This paper examines how a course incorporating modern science fiction and classical texts can encourage students to discover what the ancients' social concerns and fears for humanity's future have in common with the social commentary science fiction offers today...

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Finding archaic-Augustan Rome in Tibullus 2.5

Scholia: Studies in Classical Antiquity

This article examines topographical imagery in Tibullus 2.5. While previous scholars have suggested that the proto-city in Tibullus' poem is a pastoral scene that does not recall the city's prehistory, it is argued that Tibullus' placement of the proto-city on the Capitoline hill creates a vision of archaic Rome that resonates with memories of Rome's early foundations and the city's re-founding in the time of Augustus.

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Comparing Social Inequality in the Satyrica and Egalia's Daughters

Ancient Narrative

This paper examines themes of social oppression in Petronius’s Satyrica and Gerd Brantenberg’s Egalia’s Daughters. Both the Cena Trimalchionis and Egalia’s Daughters depict comic situations in which non-privileged members of society, Trimalchio in the Satyrica and the character Petronius Bram in Egalia’s Daughters, imitate the behaviors associated with the more privileged strata of society.

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