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Idris Jeelani - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Idris Jeelani

Assistant Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Idris Jeelanis's research focuses on construction safety, visual data analytics and cognitive sciences.


Idris Jeelani leads the Construction Automation and Safety (CAS) Research Group at the Rinker School of Construction Management. His research focuses on construction safety, visual data analytics and cognitive sciences to support the building of the next generation of safe and smart infrastructure.

Areas of Expertise (4)

Human-Drone Interaction

Construction Safety

Computer Vision



Articles (4)

Real-time vision-based worker localization & hazard detection for construction

Automation in Construction

Idris Jeelani, et al.


Despite training, construction workers often fail to recognize a significant proportion of hazards in construction environments. Therefore, there is a need for developing technology that assists workers and safety managers in identifying hazards in complex and dynamic construction environments. This study develops a framework for an automated system that detects hazardous conditions and objects in real-time to assist workers and managers.

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Developing hazard recognition skill among the next-generation of construction professionals

Construction Management and Economics

Alex Albert, et al.


Globally, a large number of safety hazards remain unrecognised in construction workplaces. These unrecognised safety hazards are also likely to remain unmanaged and can potentially cascade into unexpected safety incidents. Therefore, the development of hazards recognition skill – particularly among the next-generation of construction professionals – is vital for injury prevention and safe work-operations.

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Development of virtual reality and stereo-panoramic environments for construction safety training

Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management

Idris Jeelani, Kevin Han and Alex Albert


Workers and construction professionals are generally not proficient in recognizing and managing safety hazards. Although valuable, traditional training experiences have not sufficiently addressed the issue of poor hazard recognition and management in construction.

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Improving Safety Performance in Construction Using Eye-Tracking, Visual Data Analytics, and Virtual Reality

Construction Research Congress 2020: Safety, Workforce, and Education

Idris Jeelani, Alex Albert and Kevin Han


Globally, construction is among the most dangerous industries. Among others, research has demonstrated that construction workers and professionals fail to recognize and manage an unacceptable number of safety hazards. To address this, past research has focused on examining several factors including training, education, and management support that may indirectly influence hazard identification and management performance.

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Investigating the Safety Challenges of Co-drones in Future Construction Workplaces - Idris Jeelani