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Bailey Vaez Bailey Vaez

Founder & CEO | Proactive Movement

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Bailey Vaez is a creative thinker and the president of Proactive Movement - a workplace wellness firm. She brings with her a background in I

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Health and Wellness

Health Care - Services

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Workplace Wellness Programing

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Cutting Avoidable Health Care Costs through Prevention

Summary Acquire new insight on how to create a healthy culture where employees can thrive while at work. By attending this session, learn how to: develop an outcome based wellness program, obtain leadership support, implement best practices, and gain new tools on evaluating current or future programs. This seminar will benefit those interested in creating a new workplace wellness program, as well as those looking to improve their current program. Learning Outcomes This seminar is a comprehensive overview of how to achieve vital business results though health promotion strategies in the workplace. First, learn how to define and quantify an untapped opportunity in your organization through measuring current baseline and establishing an ideal future state. Second, identify how to eliminate avoidable health & productivity costs by designing an outcome based wellness program focused on tackling chronic disease and high-risk employees. Third, acquire the resources and skills to obtain leadership support by discussing identified opportunities and key advantages to a healthy culture, organization & employees. Forth, learn how to conduct an organizational needs assessment and gain insight on how to establish best practices when rolling out new wellness programs; including roles and responsibilities, communication plans, program design as well as incentives to improve employee participation. Last, acquire the tools and knowledge to accurately measure and evaluate the impact of your wellness program.