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Barb Flynn - Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. Indianapolis, IN, US

Barb Flynn Barb Flynn

Richard M. and Myra Louise Buskirk Professor of Manufacturing Management | Indiana University, Kelley School of Business

Indianapolis, IN, UNITED STATES

Expert in international manufacturing practices.



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Barbara Flynn is the Richard M. and Myra Louise Buskirk Professor of Manufacturing Management at the Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis. Her research interests include global supply chain management, quality management, operations strategy, just-in-time manufacturing and group technology. Flynn is the director of the High Performance Manufacturing research group, which is a global research team that studies the relationship between manufacturing practices and performance in various organizational and national cultures. In addition to publishing three books and numerous book chapters, Flynn has published articles in the top supply chain management and operations management journals.

In 2016, Flynn was selected to serve as co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Supply Chain Management. She is also an associate editor of International Journal of Operation and Production Management and Decision Sciences, and she serves on the editorial review board of International Journal of Applied Quality Management, Production and Operations Management and Benchmarking for Quality Management and Technology.

Flynn received her DBA from Indiana University in operations management, an MBA with an emphasis in operations management and managerial economics from Marquette University and her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Ripon College. Her previous academic appointments include Wake Forest University, Iowa State University and Louisiana State University.

Industry Expertise (4)

Consumer Services



Market Research

Areas of Expertise (5)

World Class Manufacturing

Operations Strategy

Innovation Management

Just-in-time Manufacturing

Quality Management

Accomplishments (5)

Sisel Fellow of Operations Management (professional)

Babcock Graduate School of Management, Wake Forest University

Distinguished Scholar Award (professional)

Academy of Management, Operations Management Division

Fellow (professional)

Decision Sciences Institute

Editor of the Year (professional)

Journal of Operations Management

Babcock Graduate School of Management (professional)

Summer Research Grant, through 2005

Education (3)

Indiana University: DBA 1984

Marquette University: MBA 1981

Ripon College: AB 1974

Articles (5)

A cross-cultural examination of the relationships among human resource management practices and organisational commitment: an institutional collectivism perspective: Organisational commitment

Human Resource Management Journal

2016 Previous research has shown that human resource management (HRM) practices vary across cultures. However, little research has empirically compared the effects of various HRM practices on firm-level or individual-level outcome variables across cultures. Drawing upon psychological contract theory and the literature on cultural values, the present study examined the effects of three organisational-level HRM practices on individual organisational commitment in a survey of 2424 individuals in 120 organisations located in four countries and three industries.

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On Theory in Supply Chain Uncertainty and its Implications for Supply Chain Integration

Journal of Supply Chain Management

2016 This paper develops a theoretical conceptualization of supply chain uncertainty, based on the foundation provided by contingency theory, classical organization theory and information processing theory. We develop a theoretical analogy between a supply chain and an organization, then highlight key differences, which leads us to hypothesize that there are three key types of supply chain uncertainty.

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The effect of a toy industry product recall announcement on shareholder wealth

International Journal of Production Research

2016 The widely publicised product recalls of lead-paint tainted toys in 2007 caused serious concerns among consumers, investors and the government. The widespread practice of global outsourcing in toy industry further intensifies consumers and investors’ uncertainties about toy safety. This paper assesses the stock market reaction to recent toy recall announcements. Based upon the theoretical underpinnings from agency theory, signalling theory and prospect theory, it also develops an understanding of factors that influence the direction and magnitude of the stock market reaction.

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Leveraging fitness and lean bundles to build the cumulative performance sand cone model

International Journal of Production Economics

2014 This study examines the relationship between bundles of lean practices and cumulative performance, as described by the sand cone model.

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Anticipation of new technologies: Supply chain antecedents and competitive performance

International Journal of Operations & Production Management

2014 The purpose of this paper is to propose and empirically validates a measure of the anticipation of new technologies (ANT) construct, first suggested by Hayes and Wheelwright (1984). ANT allows establishment of a sustained competitive advantage through acquiring new technologies and the capability to use them, in advance of actual need. The theoretical foundation for ANT is developed using the literature on absorptive capacity. Several elements of supply chain management are proposed as antecedents to ANT.

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