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Barbara Moses - BBM Human Resource Consultants. Toronto, ON, CA

Barbara Moses

President | BBM Human Resource Consultants

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Transition toward where you want to be with an innovative career development thought leader and popular Globe and Mail work issues columnist








Fast Company magazine called her a “career guru.” Dr. Barbara Moses, president of BBM Human Resource Consultants, is the international best-selling author of Dish: Midlife Women Tell the Truth about Work, Relationships, and the Rest of Life, (in the USA, Women Confidential) What Next? Find the Work that’s Right for You and Career Intelligence, and a popular Globe and Mail work issues columnist and sought-after speaker.

Barbara’s innovative approach to managing work and life has been reported on extensively across North America. She was featured in the recent book The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching as a “thought leader in life coaching” and has been quoted and profiled in major North American publications including Fast Company magazine, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Elle. She has appeared frequently on network and local TV and radio, including the Today Show, the CBS Early Show, NPR. MSNBC and Canada AM.

Barbara is the designer of Career Advisor, the powerful on-line career management tool that has been hailed as “the ultimate career resource” and as “like having a personal coach on your computer.” Her career planning tools, including the acclaimed Career Planning Workbook and Manager's Career Coaching Guide, have been completed by over a million worldwide.

Through her career management tools, workshops, and speeches Barbara has counseled people in over 2000 organizations from all walks of life and of all ages throughout her career. She knows what they need to feel happy and engaged, and the challenges they sometimes struggle with.

A frequent presenter and keynote speaker for senior business and professional audiences, Barbara is consistently praised for her practical insights into new work and personal realities, her stimulating and compelling delivery, and her tell-it-like-it-is style.
Barbara holds degrees in psychology from McGill University, The London School of Economics and the University of Toronto.

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Understanding the New Worker

Career Management - Current Trends & Issues

Career Intelligence for Yourself and Others

Applying Career Intelligence

Career & Life Intelligence for Women

How to Manage an Intergenerational Work Force

How to Career-Proof Your Kids

Answering “What Next?” for 40+

Accomplishments (1)

President - BBM Human Resource Consultants (professional)

BBM Human Resource Consultants was founded by internationally known career expert, author and speaker Dr. Barbara Moses. Under her continuing leadership, we have been delivering career management programs for more than two decades. Together with our career development partners across North America and abroad, we have assisted over 2,000 organizations world-wide in establishing career development programs.

Education (1)

University of Toronto: Ph.D., Applied Psychology 1982

M.Sc in Social Psychology, London School of Economics,

Event Appearances (6)


Canadian Corporate Counsel Association National Spring Conference  Toronto, Ontario


International Personnel Management Association National Training Conference  Edmonton, Alberta


8th Annual Opportunities Conference  Toronto, Ontario


Villa Julie College National Career Conference  Baltimore, Maryland


British Columbia Human Resources Management Association Annual Conference  Victoria, British Columbia


3rd Quebec Employment Service Providers Conference  Montreal, Quebec

Sample Talks (5)

How to Attract, Retain & Manage the New Worker

This keynote address will touch on: - Key work trends that impact the lives and employability of today’s worker - Managing complicated, over-committed lives - Managing an intergenerational work force - Eight kinds of new worker, and what motivates them - What are the implications for rewards - How to shape strategies for attracting, rewarding and retaining based on motivation typology - Principles for optimizing career management and satisfaction - How to create a life-friendly organization

Career & Life Intelligence for Women

Target audience: women at all levels who are grappling with such common issues as how to express their authentic self in your work; how to manage their career and life with grace; how to overcome typical barriers; and, how to find, create or design the right work.

Applying Career Intelligence in a Tough Work World

Welcome to Tempworld, a tough work world with unremitting pressures on the individual. In this session, Dr. Barbara Moses shares her latest insights into the new work landscape and implications for individual effectiveness. She reveals the most important work trends, how our motivational type will affect best career choices and the new principles and rules for career success. Why? Expressing our authentic self in work is the most important imperative for all of us.

Work Life Balance -- It’s a Question of Focus

This keynote address is for individuals grappling with over-committed lives and/or leaders who need to respond effectively to the over-committed lives of staff. - Forget “balance” -- focus is the key - You can have it all -- but not all at once -- think life “chapters” - Be a career activist -- know what’s most important to you - Strategies for enhancing life satisfaction - Alternative work arrangements - How leaders can create life-friendly organizations - How to career-proof your children

How to Manage an Intergenerational Work Force

Never before have there been so many conflicting values and expectations operating together. Do twenty-somethings perpleyou or drive you nuts? Understand the values and expectations of twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings, forty-somethings and beyond. Typical points of collision and how to respond. How to create work forces that promote intergenerational harmony.


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