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Basim Mirza - TOP Academy Training. Toronto, Canada Area, ON, CA

Basim Mirza

Founder | TOP Academy Training

Toronto, Canada Area, ON, CANADA

Speaker and Trainer on Social Networking, Best Selling Author of Your Naked Brand



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Basim Mirza Testimonials Discovery Series: Toronto - Ideation to Execution Grow Your Networks with Basim Mirza




Basim is the Best Selling Author of Your Naked Brand, and the Founder of TOP Academy Training. He is also an in-demand trainer, and one of the most sought after speakers on networking. He helps leaders achieve life changing growth through their social networks, so that they can earn more income, build a fulfilling career, and develop powerful contacts.

Basim has spoken at the renowned Schulich School of Business, which ranks the #1 Business School in the World by Aspen Institute and Wall Street Journal. He's also spoken at University of Toronto, Wilfrid Laurier, Upper Canada College, and many other established schools across Canada. With the impact and power behind his methodologies, Basim continues to be invited back to speak at these prestigious schools.

He has also been interviewed by CBC Radio, featured on CityTV, Virgin Radio, and Yahoo Pulse. Basim has inspired thousands of emerging leaders, and continues to share his message with the masses.

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Corporate Training


Social Media

Writing and Editing

Business Services

Corporate Leadership

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Personal Brand

Social Networks

Social Networking

Personal Branding

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Best Selling Author of Your Naked Brand (professional)


-Went to Amazon #1 Best-Seller within the first week -Major book signings at Chapters Indigo Eaton Centre, Coles Bookstore -Active book tour across North America -Book has become a must-read for entrepreneurs, social innovators, and professionals

Launch of TOP Academy Seminars + Mastermind (professional)


-Is Basim's training Academy dedicated to Social Networking -Bi-weekly seminars held at Spoke Club -Attracts some of the most prominent leaders in Canada -Rooms are packed each and everytime -Built a powerful MasterMind program managing clients on an annual basis

TOP Academy Online Platform (professional)


-Built user permission based platform -Adds flexibility to clients, and supports online learning initiatives -Enhanced live training by developing unique online content -Supported by an online affiliate center

Education (1)

Acadia University: Economics/Business 2009

Affiliations (3)

  • Experts Academy
  • Upper Canada College
  • Saint Andrew's College

Testimonials (5)

Hussein Rajan, District Sales Leader | PepsiCo Canada

“Basim is an enthusiastic, and extremely passionate individual. He truly cares about creating a unique and value add experience for his clients and business partners. Basim is not only a strong teacher, but he is also a strong leader with an innate ability to engage and increase the energy of the groups he presents to. I have witnessed this passion first hand on numerous occasions, and highly recommend his work.”

Tayyab Rizvi, Digital Marketing Planner | General Mills

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Basim and attend one of his keynotes. Both instances clearly illustrate the energy Basim brings to every event. Basim displays confidence and has the ability to inspire those around him; proving to be a dynamic leader."

Kamil Shafiq, Director of Communications | Schulich School of Business/APEX

"I have had the great pleasure of hearing Basim speak for a variety of different events from national conference panels alongside C-Level Execs to lecturing a Marketing class at Schulich. With this said, I am confident in saying that he is one of the most versatile and informative speakers out there. Basim energizes the audience and understands exactly how to grasp a crowd's attention and intrigue from the moment he starts to speak. Aside from being able to captivate an audience, he has the ability to cover an extremely wide spectrum of topics in the realm of Personal Branding while being able to call upon his own experiences and expertise to speak about them specifically as well."

Abeeha Batool, President | Schulich School of Business/York DECA

“As a keynote speaker for Sharpen Your Skills, Basim truly did a phenomenal job in not only capturing the audience’s attention, but relating all of it to the conference’s theme of #UnlimitYourself.”

Prachy Mohan, CGI | NSPIRE/Discovery Series

“He has great insights, and an amazing speaker to have at any event!”

Event Appearances (4)

Growing Your Networks

Sharpen Your Skills  Schulich School of Business


High Net-Worth Marketing

Custom Presentation  ScotiaBank


Ideation to Execution

NSPIRE Discovery series  University of Toronto


Build Your Brand

Campbell's Race to Help Hunger  Toronto


Sample Talks (5)

Growing Your Networks

I discuss the 3 key strategies absolutely critical to developing a powerful social network. These strategies are social, presence, and measure. These strategies help leaders achieve life changing growth through their social networks, so that they can earn more income, build a fulfilling career, and develop powerful contacts.

Content From Feedback

-Create content from Q&A feedback -Build amazing products and services -Identify revenue and growth opportunities -Continue to serve and add value to your audience

Return On Analytics

-Measure Online and Offline Analytics -Discover business opportunities from key metrics -Get sponsorship investment by presenting your numbers -Measure & benchmark the growth of your personal brand -Invest in your social network, and get returns

Speaking and Success

-Speak effectively to large and small groups -Income opportunities from speaking -Speaking as a marketing platform -Exponentially grow your networks from presentations

Targeting Networks

-Understand and leverage the decision maker's network -How to influence and target ideal contacts -Build a rolodex or list that generates lots of meetings -Best ways to get a meeting with someone you've never met



  • Keynote
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


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