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Benjamin Azad Benjamin Azad

Business Development Manager | HT OIL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, MALAYSIA

Freelance Business Development Manager




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Benjamin Azad is a freelance Business Development Manager with a great experience in various industries. He start his career in Information Technology when he was 16 as technical consulter. By age of 18 he have joined an Automation firm involved in Automatic Identification and Data Capture. That was the opportunity to develop the thirsty adventures mind of him in research and development to design and implement unique solutions and applications for clients from different industries with different needs. By study different clients from retail to manufacturing and government sectors he realize his capability of analyzing systems in a unique way. He collect the information online and offline from site visit to end user engagement and conduct a wide analyze to achieve a robust base study to design a new system or improve the current running system by reducing risks, financial expenses and time to improve the quality of services and products. At the same time he have studies the impact of Corporate Intelligence and Counterintelligence in industrial world and the lack of knowledge in the mentioned subjects in bigger part of the industry.
In 2009 he start working for an outsourcing firm in Malaysia as Business Development Director and his flexibility in learning has helped him to enter a new era of personal achievements by realizing his capabilities and utilizing his experience. In 2010 he have followed his dreams and joined Petroleum Industry. He start his line of business as Business Developer and trader. He have attended many successful business meetings and he have grow his strong network in various Industries around the world.

Now he have a new dreams and goals in his career and he is performing as a Freelance Business Development Manager in Petroleum Business (Downstream), Corporate Intelligence and counterintelligence consulter, Social Media Strategy adviser and Business consulter.

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Oil and Gas


IT Services/Consulting

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