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Bernardo Javalquinto - Humanizing the Economy. Arlington, VA, US

Bernardo Javalquinto

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Humanizing The Economy, The new global industrial revolution and the role of social business





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Bernardo Javalquinto is Founder and Chairman at the Social Business School, Partner at JMLC International Consulting, an independent consulting firm. Mr. Javalquinto is knowledgeable in business development and provides advisory services to companies that want to do business in Chile. Mr. Javalquinto has been associated with companies like the World Bank, IFC, Henkel-Loctite. Yazmin Satellite, Safe-USA. He is a Former Director at the Engineering and Business School (EBS) of Universidad de Aconcagua. He is also a Lecturer of Economics, awarded twice by the Argentinean Congress as Leader for rural economic development in Latin America. 2015 International Award Sciacca Vatican City, Economics award 2014 WRE recognizes Dr. Bernardo Javalquinto as world renowned social business expert. 2012 - 14 Full member Chilean Human Rights Commission, National Counselor 2011 / 2008 Argentinean Congress "Latin American Leaders for Economic Development" Award

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Social Services

Capital Markets

Talent Management

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International Trade and Development

Corporate Leadership

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Bioceanic Corridors Asia-Eu

Latin America Integration

Latin America Business

Economic Polititics

Social Business

Social Enterprise

Humanizing The Economy

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OECD 2007 Internet Economy, CONTEMPORARY STRATEGIC ANALYSIS, Nov, Actualizaciones para el Management y el Desarrollo Organizacional, "ANÁLISIS ESTRATÉGICO CONTEMPORÁNEO”, 1997, HTTP://WWW.EUMED.NET/LIBROS/2007A/223/AEC.HTM, Cómo las empresas (grandes y pequeñas) deben enfrentar la globalización: “herramientas de gestión” Strategic Management and Leadership Concepts In Mergers & Acquisitions Dic 1999;

Columnist (personal)


Tiro al Blanco Diario El Tipógrafo more than 16.000 people read weekly columns at the newspaper

Microcredit prof Yunus (personal)


Working with Foundations to implement micro-credit programs to eradicate poverty in Chile 300.000 microcredits have been given by 2000. Today more than a 1millon

Obtained US$600,000–US$1MM grant (personal)


2000 Obtained US$600,000–US$1MM grant from Parmalat Spa Italy, to have Universidad Catolica de Chile do a worldwide child nutrition study by Dr. Francisco Mardones, and Dr. Pedro Rosso

Campaign creating environmental consciousness in Chile (personal)


started a Campaign creating environmental consciousness in Chile in the alternative use of plastic bag, in Chile 13,000 followers approx, supermarkets today sells textile bags. Other followers more 250,000 in other websites

Education (3)

Universidad Gabriela Mistral: Intenational Business, MBA-UGM 1999

Thesis Director Dr. Shlomo Maital, MIT, Academic Director of TIM-Technion Institute of Management, Israel's leading executive leadership development institute and a pioneer in action-learning methods. Dr. Maital is also a visiting Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management's Management of Technology.

SMC University: PhD, Political Economy 2011

In progress

University of Maryland: BSc, Economics 1993

Prof Dr. Arthur Hughes guiding professor

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Bioceanic Corridors Asia-EU

This is a positive factor because brings a high standard of life quality. The unemployment level is reduced. Moreover, unlike the other projects presented in the country, the VI Region is the richest natural area of Chile, with the highest underground copper mine in the world, agricultural development areas, vineyards, coastal and more. Added to this, mention that they are situated on part in the network of the "Bioceanic Corridor" Las Lenas, which aims to reduce logistics costs and transportation of the production chain from Asia to the European Union, reducing 12,000 nautical miles and being seen as the future international trading post. This is a business pole attractor of income and improved quality of life as demonstrated in all global cases, others say the tourist atraccion is also increased by this new trend.



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1000 to 3000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

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The Myth of the Chicago`s Boys

The Pulse


What economic model do we have in Chile? The economic processes, for which our country has passed, have been based on a model from the eighties that was implemented in Chile to move from a closed economy (protectionism) to a free open economy

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