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Beth Campbell Duke - Personal Brand Academy. British Columbia, Canada, , CA

Beth Campbell Duke

The Career Tutor | Personal Brand Academy

British Columbia, Canada, CANADA

The Career Tutor @ PersonalBrand.Academy



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I empower students and recent grads to find awesome first jobs by helping them, their parents and educators understand the power of the personal branding process.

In a world where traditional job security is now a myth and 'careers' has an 'S', it's imperative that we all understand our strengths and know how to market them. Effectively and authentically.

Learn more about the 3 key areas of Personal Branding I focus on:

Personal Leadership | Personal Marketing Materials | Personal Marketing Strategies

Find out more at http://PersonalBrand.Academy.

Specialties: Strengths-focussed with a strong background in research and education.

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Youth Engagement

Career Education

Youth Employment

Personal Branding

Career Skills & Development

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University of Saskatchewan: B.Ed., Secondary Sciences (Biology & Chemistry) 2002

I was very involved with the Regional and National level science fair during my time in University and was also involved in an ad hoc group of teachers and university profs focused on helping students navigate the transition from high school to post-secondary.

University of Guelph: B.Sc., Unspecialized Biological Sciences 1988

Minor in the extended operation of a Rotary Evaporator. The samples being processed were important, but watching water dry doesn't require too much mental input. If you can find a job where they pay you to work on your homework - grab it!

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School Is A 'Wast' of Time

TEDxVictoria  Victoria, BC, Canada




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500 to 3500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

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Build On Strength Blog

Personal Brand Academy


I publish articles on the main areas of Personal Branding that I help clients work through - with a focus on determining and building on strengths.

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