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Bill Poston Bill Poston

Co-founder | Kalypso


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Cios and Social Media: Take Control Before It Controls You

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CIOs and Social Media: Take Control Before It Controls You

Web 2.0 technologies like social networking sites, wikis, blogs and custom collaboration platforms raise valid concerns?including IP loss, decline in productivity, and brand damage'that have kept many corporations from embracing or allowing them to play a role in both internal and external business innovation. However, social media channels are clearly here to stay. With more businesses looking to understand and utilize these platforms to engage employees and customers in ways that drive innovation, the real danger is for those who do not adopt. There are dozens of applications beyond Facebook, YouTube and Twitter that are being successfully deployed to enable collaborative innovation processes. While there are risks and benefits to every new technology, success with these tools comes from defining your standards and rolling out solutions on your terms ? not waiting until someone else does it for you.