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Billy Johnson Billy Johnson

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Fort Erie, ON, CANADA

Integrity Unlearned,Shared With the Young


Coming from what society calls a dysfunctional background,(raised by a single Mom with 4 other siblings) I had few real man to man encounters that would qualify as having had a male role model to teach me how to act as a good man, or even how to respond to the simple pressures and expectations of being man. I was an avid athlete throughout my teenage years, Hockey being the place I got to learn respect and teamwork, yet still lacked the ability to stand alone, to hold onto what I knew was good and true. I was too easily ready to follow the crowd, or the tough guys. Because of FEAR, I wasn't good enough, or who would listen to me. Therefore I started practicing living by way of feel- as long as it felt good and didn't really hurt anyone, well then I was a GOOD Guy.
I was educated sexually via dirty magazines and by hearsay from other friends and TV.
When I became sexually active, I believe I became addicted to what I thought was love and acceptance. NEVER (during that time) did I consider the disrespect and dishonor I was really bringing into every relationship I had.
Sad to admit today that it took me so long to come to understand how to honor and treat a woman.
How to talk with respect and knowledge of other peoples feelings and emotions in mind and that I was NOT really as wonderful as I had thought I was.
Today, after having 4 children, one TOTALLY terrific wife,(who finally wised up and left me 5 years ago), I have paid one heck of a price for the education and direction my mistakes took me.
I am a new man, I learned what it means to BE a MAN, HOW to be a MAN, To be a good husband, and a good DADDY!
I see myself speaking to, and talking with young and old (mostly young) about the many things boys and girls do not hear or learn from our homes,schools or governments.
I do not believe any ill will with who teaches our children, I do however see the results of immature
adolescents being forced to become grownups much much too soon. Then when they fail at love or life, they are not always (nearly never) equipped with the know how or the resources to bounce back.
I want to talk with our children about behaviors, actions and reactions, money and the value of a good name. How important all of our actions and decisions are- because someone is always looking up to you to show them how LIFE is done.

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