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Bob Davies Bob Davies

Owner | High Performance Training, Inc.


Motivational Speakers, expert in behavior, creating habits, overcoming procrastination, handling multiple priorities, reaching your goals


Many managers agree that the effectiveness of their organizations would at least be doubled if they could discover how to tap the unrealized potential in their human capital. That's what Bob does!

As a college football coach, Bob Davies helped the athletes at Cal State Fullerton to tap into their potentials and win two conference championships.

Bob was also a coach of Olympic gold medallist, Jeff Blatnick, who overcame Hodgkin’s disease to win the gold at the 1984 Olympics in wrestling.

Bob’s unique experiences of competing with poverty and negative influences enable him to share his strategies for success with us.

Bob is known as the performance coach. His education, professional designations and personal life experiences qualifies him as the definitive expert in the field of human potential.

He is the author of three books and several audio albums and videos. He is one of the pioneers of the E learning environment and has developed the worlds first on line interactive coaching portal!

Bob’s presentations consist of the latest research in the fields of biology, physics, mathematics and philosophy, combined with common sense to create immediate, useful and long-term applications.

Bob is married, has three children, is a private pilot and has the highest license possible in the sport of skydiving with over 1800 jumps.

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