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Bob Hambly RGD - Association of Registered Graphic Designers. Toronto, ON, CA

Bob Hambly RGD Bob Hambly RGD

Association of Registered Graphic Designers

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Entertaining and informative talks about creativity and curiosity. Discover how refueling both can make you more engaged and innovative.





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A graduate of the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Bob Hambly is the creative director of Hambly & Woolley Inc., a Toronto-based, multi-disciplinary graphic design firm he co-founded with his partner, Barbara Woolley. Bob illustrated the "Lives" column of the New York Times Sunday Magazine for 12 years and the "Numbers" column for Time Magazine for 5 years. Over the past 20 years, the firm has received over 350 national and international design awards. Bob’s creative mind is always at work at H&W, where clients benefit from his fresh perspective, eye for detail and knack for personal service.
As creative director Bob oversees the development of a range of projects, with a particular focus on branding initiatives. He has taught illustration and lectured frequently on design and design-related topics to varied institutions, associations and organizations. Among them: Ontario College of Art & Design, Sheridan College, York University, ARIDO, IIDEXNeoCon, NeoCon, Royal Ontario Museum, Rotman School of Management and Design Thinkers for the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD). Bob is also a Board member of RGD Ontario.

Industry Expertise (3)


Graphic Design


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Creative Process

Design Thinking

Accomplishments (3)

Graphic Design (professional)


- partner and creative director of graphic design firm Hambly & Woolley. - H&W has won 350 national and international awards. - taught graphic design at OCAD University; - lectured on graphic design to numerous colleges and universities.

RGD (Registerd Graphic Designers) (professional)


- board member of RGD for 5 years. - currently a vice president of RGD Ontario. - currently chairman of Communications Committee and member of P.R. Committee. - speaker at RGD DesignThinkers Conference. - Speaker at RGD HeadStart. - Speaker at RGD Business. - given numerous webinars for RGD.

Illustration (professional)


- illustrated the weekly "Lives" column of the New York Times Sunday Magazine for 12 years. - illustrated the weekly "Numbers" column for TIme Magazine for 5 years. - won numerous awards for illustration from Canadian & US competitions and publications. - taught illustration at OCAD University. - lectured on illustration at numerous colleges and universities.

Education (1)

University of the Arts / Philadelphia: Honors B.F.A., Illustration 1980

Testimonials (9)

Lee Jacobson, Brand Consultant | Lee Jacobson Consultants

"Bob’s presentations are like conversations. He combines personal anecdotes with well-­curated and wide-­ranging examples from many fields to elucidate and humanize his subject. His content, and the graphic materials he uses to bring his topics to life, are superb and accessible. Bob truly loves, and is knowledgeable about his work and its broader context and, the subjects he speaks about."

Joe Morse, Professor/Coordinator Dept. of Design and Illustration | Sheridan College

"What Bob was able to do during his Curiosity talk was offer tangible and relevant tools to build a creative response to problems. One hundred college students on the edge of their seats in a lecture hall is a sight to behold."

Michael T. Campbell, President | University & College Designer’s Association (UCDA)

"I have had the pleasure of seeing Bob Hambly speak on two occasions, and both times he was a delight. His presentation: Curiosity—The Designer’s Secret Weapon, was both inspirational and highly entertaining. I really look forward to the next time Bob speaks at our conference."

Joanne Bonebakker, Executive Director | Northumberland Learning Connection

"Bob's talk was inspiring, informative, well-organized and passionate. Everyone was mesmerized. He is totally authentic and at ease."

Karen Simpson, Instructor, Design Faculty | OCAD University

"Wow! Your presentation was amazing. It was thoughtful, educational, wise, encouraging and inspirational – the students couldn't stop talking about it after you left."

Darrell D. King, President & CEO | Gunther Mele Limited

"Bob's talk, Why Are There 284 Holes In My New Shoes?, is a provocative and entertaining look at how design has permeated our culture in ways sometimes forgotten and in other ways, unimaginable. Through his captivating presentation Bob reaches into the seemingly mundane and calls our attention to the intricacies of design and, in turn, returns the essence of design to our everyday lives. The presentation will stay with you, prompting you to look at everyday items differently as you yearn for more discussion on why many things are the way they are."

Mara Gulens, Editor, Strategic Communications, Branding & Public Affairs | CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants Canada)

"Bob's illustrated and personal talk about infographics creation made every editor a believer. It’s not just about text. It’s not just about design. Great infographics are a magical synergy of the two. I’ll be the first to sign up for Bob’s next talk!"

Tina Mackenzie, Manager, Creative Services | City of Mississauga

"Bob spoke to a crowd of newly appointed Brand Ambassadors on both the importance of branding and responsibility of promoting and caring for it. He shared personal and relevant stories to illustrate how brands can be perceived and mismanaged. He was wonderfully engaging, informative and funny. I had numerous attendees comment on how much the enjoyed Bob’s talk and how much they learned."

Kerry Gotham, Alumni Relations - The College at Brockport | State University of New York Council for University Advancement

"The feedback to Bob's keynote address was overwhelmingly positive. He truly set our conference tone off to a great start."

Event Appearances (22)

Why Are There 284 Holes In My New Shoes?

NeoCon   Chicago, IL


Curiosity: The Secret Weapon

RGD Creative Business Summit  Toronto, ON


Curiosity: The Secret Weapon

Architecture/Interior Design Lecture Series  Dallas, TX


Curiosity: The Secret Weapon

Rotman School of Management Design Thinkers Series  Toronto, ON


Why Are There 284 Holes In My New Shoes?

Royal Ontario Museum  Toronto, ON


Why Are There 284 Holes In My New Shoes?

RGD HeadStart  Toronto, ON


Curiosity: The Secret Weapon

UCDA Annual Design Conference  Phoenix, AR


Yellow - The Most Fickle of All Colours

RGD Webinar Series  Toronto, ON


Curiosity: The Secret Weapon

Sheridan College Lecture Series  Oakville, ON


Why Are There 284 Holes In My New Shoes?

Northumberland Learning Connection Design Series  Cobourg, ON


Yellow - The Most Fickle of All Colours

The Nook Salon Lecture Seies  Toronto, ON


Why Are There 284 Holes In My New Shoes?

Canadian Jewellers 24 Karat Club Luncheon  St. George's Colf Club, Toronto, ON


Curiosity: The Secret Weapon

IIDEX / NeoCon  Direct Energy Centre, Toronto, ON



Editors' Association of Canada  Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, Toronto


Curiosity: The Secret Weapon

Design Department Lecture  OCAD University, Toronto, ON



RGD Future by Design  Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON


Brand Ambassador Responsibilities

City of Mississauga Brand Ambassador Kick-Off  BraeBen Golf & Country Club, Mississauga


Revitalize Your Design Process

MagNet 2014 Canada's Magazine Conference  Courtyard Toronto Downtown, 475 Yonge Street


Revitalize Your Magazine Design

Alberta Magazine Publishers Association  Calgary, AB


Measurement: Behind the Scenes in the World of Art & Design

Northumberland Learning Connection: Beyond a Yardstick  Cobourg, ON


There Is No Cure For CURIOSITY

SUNYCUAD Conference  Rochester, New York


Calming Clients' Fear of Creativity

DesignThinkers Conference  Toronto, ON


Sample Talks (5)

There Is No Cure For CURIOSITY

Bob takes a closer look at curiosity – how it can be nurtured and encouraged rather than feared and under-valued. Bob shows you how to better assess and understand your own curiosity and isolates five areas where improvements will help spur on your own creativity.

Why Are There 284 Holes In My New Shoes?

Bob takes a look at some of the unusual and often functionless design details found in everyday life from areas like fashion, architecture and product design. Gain insights into the history of these design details and why they have remained a part of the design vernacular – even after losing their original purpose.

Visual Identities That Missed The Mark

A designer must consider many factors when designing a logo – everything from understanding the client's audience to having a strong grasp of semiotics. Bob examines five visual identities that have fundamental flaws – most of which were problematic right from the start.

Revitalize Your Creative Process

Bob discusses ways to reassess and reenergize both your own creative efforts and those of your team, by considering three dynamics essential to the creative process: constraints, contribution and creativity.

Calming Clients' Fears of Creativity

Have you ever had clients who, after the presentation of your initial design concepts, became quiet, nervous or even afraid of what they were looking at? So what happened? Invariably, we begin to doubt our work and wonder where we went wrong. Or we blame the clients for being unaccepting or unclear. Bob takes a close look at this complicated situation and makes recommendations on how to avoid it happening in the future.



  • Keynote
  • Panelist
  • Corporate Training


1000 to 1500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

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