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Bob Ramsay - RamsayInc. Toronto, ON, CA

Bob Ramsay

President | Ramsay Inc

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Helping clients think differently about what they want to show and tell the world.





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People sometimes ask me: “What do you think you're doing?” And I think to myself, “Well, they've got one thing right. It's all about thinking.” Because, what I do is help clients think differently about what they want to show and tell the world – what message they want to send, what point they want to make, or what brand they want to boost. Often I bring together a few thoughtful people with special expertise to think things through. Or I invite seminal thinkers to share their ideas at events for other thinking people who are interested in new ways of looking at work and life. I also help people present their own ideas better. Or I put their thoughts into words they can share in speeches, or in print or online. Or I direct other writers to do that, or even manage the hunt for an entire communications team. I've done all these things for many clients over the years, including several who have kindly offered to say a few words about me. So, if I seem to offer what you're looking for, I think the best idea would be to get in contact to see if we're both thinking along the same lines.

Industry Expertise (4)


Social Media

Public Relations and Communications

Events Services

Areas of Expertise (7)

Marketing Communications

Corporate Communications

Brand Development

Social Media Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Media Relations

Marketing Strategy

Accomplishments (3)

Fellow (professional)

2011 Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Recipient (professional)

2013 Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Medal

Courage to Come Back Award -- 2006 Awardee (professional)

CAMH -- Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Education (1)

Princeton University: B.A., English Literature 1972

Affiliations (2)

  • Toronto Public Library Foundation : Governor's Council member
  • St. Lawrence Centre : Chair Marketing Committee of the Board

Media Appearances (4)

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