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Brad Remillard - IMPACT Hiring Solutions. Laguna Hills, CA, US

Brad Remillard

Managing Director | IMPACT Hiring Solutions


Ever Look At An Employee And Think, "You're NOT The Person I Hired?" Who Hasn't.





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Brad Remillard, an executive recruiter with more than 30 years of experience, has conducted more than 10,000 interviews and been involved in more than 2,000 executive searches. In 2005 along with his partner of 25 years, Barry Deutsch, he co-founded the company IMPACT Hiring Solutions. This firm is dedicated to providing best practices hiring techniques to companies seeking to reduce turnover, improve the flow of qualified candidates, reducing hiring errors and eliminating candidate embellishment and exaggeration. IMPACT Hiring Solutions accomplishes this via retained executive search utilizing their trademarked, Success Factor Methodology, comprehensive in-house workshop and training programs and providing highly customized solutions per the company's needs.

Previously he served as President of CJA Executive Search, which was recognized as one of the top search firms in Southern California. Brad has conducted nationwide searches for the Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies.

He has co-authored two books on hiring. Published in 2005 their best selling book, "You're NOT The Person I Hired; A CEO's Guide To Hiring Top Talent" currently has over 10,000 books in circulation. This book is the foundation for the corporate workshops and speaking engagements that helps companies develop an effective hiring process. In 2009 his second book was published, "This Is NOT The Position I Accepted: Executive Recruiters Reveal The Inside Secrets To Reducing Your Time In Search."

Brad is a top rated speaker on hiring for the CEO and Key Executive community with Vistage International. He has spoken to over 170 Vistage CEO and Key Executive groups all over the country. In addition, he speaks regularly at corporate functions, trade association, alumni groups such as the Harvard Business School, and other national associations including, Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), National Human Resources Association (NHRA), Personnel and Industrial Relations Association (PIRA), and The American Association of Senior Executives (AASE).

In 1999, Brad co-founded the American Association of Senior Executives, one of Southern California's largest career management and business resource organizations exclusively dedicated to VP- and C-level executives. The AASE has assisted more than 1,500 corporate executives accelerate their job search.

He is a CPA and graduate of California State University, Fullerton.

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Cal State University - Fullerton: BS, Accounting

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Les Walker, CEO | DocuSource

I want to thank you for your presentation of “You’re NOT The Person I Hired” to our management team. The feedback for the team has been excellent. They were engaged with our presentation style, you answered their questions honestly and most important of all they learned a lot about the right way to hire. We have implemented the concepts from your presentation and have noticed a significant improvement in our interviewing and hiring standards. We are actively implementing your ideas on attracting top talent and are seeing the pay-off with the caliber of candidates we are attracting. There was great concern from the team regarding the need for this, it is clear from the feedback and the results we have received the time was well spent.

Bud Carter, Vistage Chair | Vistage International

I've heard literally hundreds of speakers on business topics over the more than 20 years I've served as Chairman for two groups of CEOs - few, very few, have delivered a message that resonated as well as Brad Remillard's. His no-nonsense, bottom line up approach to hiring will significantly reduce the number of bad hires, and hence the turnover, in my member's companies. Remillard demonstrates conclusively that a hiring interview can be a high probability predictor of the likely on the job success of every candidate.

Cal Laird, Board Of Directors | Harvard Business School Association of Orange County

There was a great, positive energy created by Brad’s approach to the topic; pulling in audience participation and real-life examples of do’s and don’ts. He is clearly an expert at engaging an audience and making his subject matter meaningful to his audience in a very practical, real-world way. Brad also responded extremely well to the Q&A segment of our program, which, due to the nature of our group requires extraordinarily good listening and “think on your feet” skills. I have had the pleasure of participating in numerous programs over the last 10 years where Brad was either the primary speaker or the emcee. He has always had a special knack for connecting with his audience, whether it is large or small.

Don Troudy, VP Human Resources | Everett Charles Technologies

I have to share with you this highlight. One of the Company Presidents I work for shared with me that he knew about your hiring system several years ago but failed to implement it then. When I joined the Company and re‐introduced him to the Success Factor Methodology system, this same President shared with me that he regretted not implementing your system years ago. He expressed to me that if he had implemented your system three years ago, his company’s revenues today would have exceeded $100 million in annual sales instead of holding steady at $65 million for the past three years. He attributes this stagnation and lack of company growth to the poor hiring decisions his management team has made over the past three years.

Les Whitney, Vistage Chair | Vistage Internationa.

I want to compliment you on your presentation style. You have an engaging, fast moving, and fun style. You held everyone's interest throughout the 3 hour presentation. There is an ease to your presentation style that invites questions and promotes interaction. I will be letting all my fellow Vistage Chairs know that your presentation is a "can't miss" in their plans for 2012 and beyond.

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Vistage International   Multiple cities in the US

You're NOT The Person I Hired

Over 200 times to Vistage International Groups  National

You're NOT The Person I Hired

Numerous corporate traing events  Atlanta, Buffalo, Los Angeles, Orange County, Denver,

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What percent of people do you believe exaggerate or embellish in the interview? Through extensive surveys among executives and managers the number is a staggering 90% or more. Are you confident you know if a candidate is telling the truth or exaggerating? In this Advanced Interviewing Program, you'll learn how to separate the candidates who are great at interviewing from those that can actually do the job. To learn more go to

You're NOT The Person I Hired - 5 Steps to Hiring Top Talent

Why does research show that 56% of all executive hires fail in their first year to eighteen months? In our consulting and research with thousands of companies, we've discovered that: hiring tends to be the only process in the entire company that is not performed according to a documented process or methodology. Hope and luck make a poor hiring process. You will learn a simple 5 step approach to hiring top talent. For more information visit my website



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