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Brenda Sternquist - Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI, US

Brenda Sternquist Brenda Sternquist

Professor | Michigan State University


International retailing, retailing in transitional economies, commercial buyer-supplier relationships.



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An expert in e-commerce; new democracies and retailing and a specialist in international retailing. She has conducted research throughout the world, but particularly focuses on China and Japan.

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Areas of Expertise (3)

Commercial Buyer-supplier Relationships

International Retailing

Retailing in Transitional Economies

Education (1)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville: Ph.D., Marketing, consumer economics and statistics 1978

Journal Articles (3)

Framing the Undergraduate Research Experience: Discovery Involvement in Retailing Undergraduate Education

Journal of Marketing Education

Brenda Sternquist, Patricia Huddleston, Ann Fairhurst

2018 We provide an overview of ways to involve undergraduate business and retailing students in faculty research projects and discuss advantages of these student–faculty collaborations. We use Kolb’s experiential learning cycle to provide a framework for creating an effective and engaging undergraduate research experience and use it to classify types of projects in which our undergraduate students have participated. These types of projects include (a) theory building and testing, (b) empirical research using primary or secondary data collection, (c) practitioner-oriented projects, and (d) creative projects. We provide specific examples of each type of project and then apply Kolb’s experiential learning cycle roles to a variety of undergraduate research projects. We conclude with a discussion of the benefits of involving undergraduate students in research projects.

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Performance Outcome of CSR Behavior: Moderating Role of Motivations to Engage

Celebrating America’s Pastimes: Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Marketing?

Chitra Srivastava Dabas, Brenda Sternquist

2016 The new trend in the CSR practices reflects a shift from quantity (degree) of CSR actions to quality of such efforts. Instead of maximizing the number of CSR issues addressed, firms are identifying key strategic issues that also align with their business actions. For example, Coca-Cola invests in several African and Southeast Asian countries with an intention to increase brand penetration in the region and develop future consumers of their product in these countries (Sohn 2014). Similarly, Cargill Inc., one of the world leaders in processed food market, closely works with farmers in Ghana to improve their living conditions and provide education. Ghana is a huge cocoa production base for Cargill. By investing there, Cargill protects its own supply base for future (Sohn 2014). A report by As You Sow, a nonprofit organization, stated that retailers like GAP Inc., Timberland, Nike, and Nordstrom use internal organizational strategies to streamline CSR efforts. They are increasingly adopting responsible purchasing practices and have made changes in five areas of corporate culture: designing and buying, forecasting, production management, and pricing. These efforts have resulted in improved working conditions along with cost reductions (CSR Wire 2010).

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The effects of the salesperson’s characteristics on buyer-seller relationships

Journal of Business & Marketing

Yonghoon Choi, Ying Huang, Brenda Sternquist,

2015 This paper aims to examine the influence of the salesperson’s characteristics (organizational commitment [OC] and disposition to innovate) on buyer’s behaviors in buyer – supplier relationships. A model is proposed depicting the effects of the salesperson’s OC and disposition to innovate on buyer’s long-term orientation and opportunism through partner-specific value to the buyer.

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