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Brian Flanagan - Field Effect Technologies. Iowa City, Iowa Area, IA, US

Brian Flanagan

CEO | Field Effect Technologies

Iowa City, Iowa Area, IA, UNITED STATES

CEO at Field Effect Technologies








Forty years ago, I embarked on a journey that led me into the deep foundations of quantum theory, searching for the physical basis of consciousness.

Last June, an article in 'Nature' announced that, contrary to what everyone thought, quantum processes appear to be ubiquitous in the biological realm.

In the last few weeks, my site on 'Quanta & Consciousness' has logged visitors from Harvard, Oxford, UCLA, CERN and Silicon Valley.

The book on 'Q&C' has been sent out for review by one of our foremost publishers in math & science.

Plans entail prototyping as well as establishing an institute to carry on the research.

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Information Technology and Services


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Artificial Intelligence

Visual Perception

Quantum Theory



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A New Science (professional)

An academic journal honored my work in a series on "Men Who Made a new Science."

Isaac and me (professional)

My scientific efforts have been put forward for a Nobel and favorably compared to Newton's work on gravity.

High praise (professional)


Some years ago, a former president of the Hawaiian chapter of MENSA put me forward for a Nobel and even favorably compared my efforts to Newton's work on gravitation.

Oxford (professional)


The nice people at the Oxford University Press have recently invited me to submit a paper to one of their physics journals.

Tech Incubators (professional)


The smart folks at AngelList invited me to apply to several tech incubators in Boston and New York.

Education (1)

University of Iowa: BA, Psychology 1979

I used to be rather bright. When finishing up my BA, a professor emeritus told me that the chances of any of his grad students doing my level of work were "infinitesimal." That said, the record indicates an all-too-human capacity for saying stupid things. It's just that, from time to time, I'm granted a remarkable insight -- and the rest is a lot of work. Happily, it's been a labor of love. My parents worked crossword puzzles all their lives and so it's likely a case of the apple and the tree. My pursuit has led me through realms of math, physics, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience -- subjects well worth study for the jokes alone.

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  • Word Association

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Don Steehler, Thinker | Mensa

Mr. Flanagan, I believe (with the expectation of being corrected, if necessary) referred to [the] “Venus affair” in an effort to establish an analogy with the program that he has apparently embarked upon (evidently with some enthusiasm— and probably for good reason). But, let me sidetrack first (if you haven’t already given up on my meandering discourse). I can think of another analogy that I think could prove useful, and I suspect that Mr. Flanagan may also thought of, but is too modest (as seems to be consistent with his apparently good character) to discuss in a public forum. Consider the following quick, crude diagram that illustrates another significant identity: Apple Moon \ / Gravitational Mass

Event Appearances (1)

"Notes Toward a Theory of Artificial Sentience"

SPIE Symposium on Advances in Intelligent Robotics Systems  Cambridge, MA

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"Notes Toward a Theory of Artificial Sentience"

A memorable experience, when I first presented my ideas to a live audience. Afterward, a bright young PhD from Stanford said, "Yeah, you could tell, at first everyone was wondering what planet you were from -- then they were all really interested."



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