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Business professor | Cambrian College

Sudbury, ON, CA

Brian is an expert in the areas of retail business and marketing. His insight and perspective have him 'in demand' with local media.










Brian Vendramin has been teaching business and marketing at Cambrian College since 1986.

A seasoned media expert, he is regularly called on by print, radio and television journalists for comment on breaking business news.

Vendramin also has a regular biweekly spot on CBC Morning North in Sudbury, where he discusses timely business topics such as internships, customer service and retail promotions (Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

He is available for comment on stories about retail trends, industry shakeups, marketing, business ethics and more.

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Advertising/Marketing Consumer Goods Consumer Services Direct Marketing Education/Learning Hospitality Market Research Retail Specialty Retailers Travel and Tourism

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Ethics in Business Promotions in the Retail Environment Retail Marketplace Mergers & Acquisitinos Retail Trends Online Business Retail Branding Promotion in the Marketplace Marketing Techniques Social Issues in Business Gamification/Game-Based Learning

Accomplishments (1)

Recipient of President’s Award for Excellence (professional)


The President’s Award for Excellence is presented annually at convocation to a faculty member who has been exemplary in achieving professional goals and inspiring peers to set and achieve the highest standards in the classroom.

Vendramin has been a member of the Cambrian College community for 27 years and has become known as a keen and innovative teacher, and a reliable and trusted colleague.

Education (1)

Cambrian College: Advanced Diploma, Business and Marketing 1975

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (17)

Secrets of a Great Teacher

Macleans  print


Macleans magazine publishes an annual guide to Canadian Colleges and professor Brian Vendramin earned the first page of the section for Ontario Colleges.

Check out page 78 of the 2017 Macleans Colleges Guide for insights about why Brian is such an effective and popular professor. Read up on how he stays on top of his teaching game by game leveraging psychology, technology, as well as personal and professional relationships for the best learning experience.

Spoiler-alert: Brian's not a gamer, but the professor successfully integrated gaming's psychological appeal into academics. It's a proven winner in more ways than one!

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Business with Brian Vendramin

CBC Sudbury  radio


Links to all of Brian Vendramin's spots on the Morning North radio show.

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Target liquidation doesn't impress Sudbury shoppers

Sudbury Star  online


Brian Vendramin, a School of Business professor at Cambrian College, said Target never really caught on with consumers when it arrived in Canada in late 2013.

"In my opinion, they opened up too many stores too quickly," he said. "As part of that, they had to deal with supply issues. You would go into a store and they had no supply. It was a turnoff."

As well, the United States Target store experience did not translate well in Canada, especially with Canadians who had visited American stores and expected to find the same thing here, Vendramin said.

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Target's failure a sign of change in retailing

Peterborough Examiner  online


“I think this is just the start of a retail shakeup.” That’s what Brian Vendramin, a professor in the Cambrian College School of Business, told The Sudbury Star on Thursday as he predicted more chain stores will go under across the country - something that could still happen here.

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Miners Lunchbox

Dragons' Den  tv


Brian Vendramin made an appearance on Dragons' Den to help Catherine Langin pitch her company.

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Black Friday shopping

CTV Northern Ontario  tv


Brian Vendramin comments on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.

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Little change under Sudbury's new shopping law

Sudbury Star  online


Brian Vendramin, a business professor at Cambrian College, hasn't been surprised that stores haven't rushed to embrace 24-hour shopping.

"I expected it would be a slow start," he said. "Retail has been soft across Canada. And at the end of the day, it's a business case -- it's great to say let's open for 24 hours, but if staffing costs don't allow you to make a profit, how long can you sustain that kind of business model?"

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Target closing

CTV Northern Ontario  tv


Brian Vendramin comments on Target's announcement of the retail chain shutting down in Canada.

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Future Shop closures part of a trend

Sudbury Star  online


“We're in a day and age in retail where we're looking for efficiencies,” Vendramin said. “With Best Buy and Future Shop under the same ownership, I wondered why they wouldn't move even sooner on this.

“I think one of the things that threw me a curveball, though, was back in November, Future Shop opened a new store in Cornwall and it was going to be their new concept store, which had a smaller footprint, so instead of 30,000 square feet, they had 8,000 square feet, and half of it was stock room, because people are buying more and more electronics online.”

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Terry and Mell Interview: Brian Vendramin on Future Shop

Q92  radio


Brian Vendramin was interviewed on Q92 in Sudbury about Future Shop's closure.

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Future Shop closure reflects changing retail landscape

Northern Life  online


The sudden closure of Future Shop stores across the country March 28 may be a sign of things to come, said Cambrian College business professor Brian Vendramin.

With a soft economy, and many stores unable to distinguish themselves from their competitors because they sell similar items, other retailers could close in the near future, he said.

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Retail in the city continues to change

Sudbury Star  print


Brian Vendramin was interview for the Sudbury Star's Progress section on the changing face of retail in the city. The article is on page 22.

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Rules of Engagement: Six Ways to Bring Your Classroom to Life  online


“Welcome to Marketing 1100 – Introduction to Marketing” I strain to say over the sounds of Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd that I have playing before this class. I play music before each of my classes and take requests a week before classes so I can ensure that the lyrics are appropriate. The music stops and on cue I say, “Happy Monday (on this particular day).”

Start a Conversation

I immediately launch into current business events and allow 3-4 students to present current events they prepared for presentation. On this day we engage in lively debate over an upcoming Canadian election issue on the legalization of marijuana and the economic impacts of that decision. Someone else offers another headline on the latest developments on Volkswagen’s emissions violations. As I thank the class for their contributions, I always remind them how following current events demonstrate how fluid marketing and business issues are and how they extend beyond our country.

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Black Friday a social, as well as a shopping, event

Northern Life  print


Plan ahead, prof says, and make sure you stick to a budget

Black Friday is a day when people line up in the wee hours of the morning in hopes of getting a deal. It's a day when U.S. networks invariably have footage of people being trampled – or worse – when malls open for business.

In Sudbury, retailers big and small have specials on in anticipation of the crush of hopeful shoppers getting ready to pounce.

Brian Vendramin, marketing professor at Cambrian College, said the day has an impact on the economy, but not an entirely positive one.

"People have been calling it 'Slack Friday' because 1.2 million Canadian are going to call in sick, and another 6.4 million plan to take a vacation day,” Vendramin said. “So there's certainly going to be a big dip in productivity."

He says Black Friday has become a social event, with friends getting together in the days before to research deals and decide a strategy.

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Superstore to stay open 24 hours beginning Dec. 18

Northern Life  print


Retailer takes advantage of deregulated store hours again this year

Almost a year after shopping hours were deregulated in Greater Sudbury, a grocery store is planning to be open round the clock during the holiday season.

Last year, the Real Canadian Superstore in New Sudbury announced it would open 24 hours a day from Dec. 12 until New Year's Eve. The store will do the same this year, but the start date will be a little later.

“Beginning Friday, Dec. 18 at 6 a.m., the Real Canadian Superstore in Sudbury will be open 24-hours until it closes at 6 p.m. on Dec. 24,” the company said in an email Thursday.

While there was talk that other retailers may also open around the clock, so far only the Superstore has taken that step, and only for the busiest shopping time of the year. Other retailers, however, are staying open later during the holiday period.

Cambrian College marketing professor Brian Vendramin said despite all the publicity surrounding deregulating store hours in the city, not much has changed in practical terms.

"My sense is, it's had very little impact,” Vendramin said. “You just look at the number of stores that have opened 24 hours. Even with Black Friday, with all the hoopla, the (New Sudbury Centre) is only staying open until 11 o'clock.”

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More to Wal-Mart/Visa battle than meets the eye: Cambrian prof  online


Brian Vendramin suspects giant retailer is positioning itself to get into the banking business

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Business prof Brian Vendramin’s insights on Wal-Mart plans to stop accepting Visa credit cards

CTV Northern Ontario  tv


Business professor Brian Vendramin discusses Wal-Mart's plan to stop accepting Visa credit cards because of the high fees incurred by the retailer. He suggests that Wal-Mart may be preparing to offer its own credit/financial service, like President's Choice Financial has done in the past, taking over a piece of Visa's business if a deal cannot be struck between Visa and Wal-Mart.

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Research Focus (1)


Introduction to Marketing


Summary: In this pilot, professor Brian Vendramin incorporated gamification, new resources, and a new textbook to enhance student success in his Introduction to Marketing class. The results show improved student engagement with the course content and improved exam scores and final grades.
Key Results: Data indicate that students earning higher MyMarketingLab scores achieved higher average exam and final course grades. In addition, data from before and after MyMarketingLab implementation
show that, on average, students earned higher exam and final course grades when MyMarketingLab was required.

Research focus Image

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